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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Twenty-One, The Harpies.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Mrs. Coulter to drop her weapon?
(a) Someone bit her
(b) She was struck by a stray bullet
(c) Pantalaimon bit her
(d) She was stabbed

2. What does Balthamos suddenly become aware of that causes him emotional pain?
(a) The rip of the fabric of the worlds
(b) The death of Baruch
(c) The arrival of Specters
(d) The movement of the church

3. What is the response of the Gallivespian spies when they find that Lyra and Will don't intend to wait for Lord Asriel's transport for them?
(a) They say that Will and Lyra are afraid
(b) They tell the children that they are risking the world
(c) They accuse Will of Lying
(d) They accuse the children of working with the Church

4. What does one of the harpies scream at Lyra when she begins explaining why they are there?
(a) Monster
(b) Evil
(c) Liar
(d) Eve

5. What weapon does Mrs. Coulter have?
(a) Knife
(b) Poison
(c) Gun
(d) Magic powder

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the man in the suit tell them they will have to wait on before they continue traveling?

2. What does the alethiometer tell Lyra to follow in order to find the land of the dead?

3. What does King Ogunwe say that Lord Asriel is trying to create?

4. What does Lord Asriel begin to hunt for with the help of the alethiometer?

5. What does the boatman answer when Will asks if they are dead now too?

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