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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Nineteen, Lyra and Her Death.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the alethiometer tell Lyra to follow in order to find the land of the dead?
(a) Follow the knife
(b) Follow the edge of the river
(c) Follow the Gallivespians
(d) Follow the edge of the mountain

2. What does Iorek tell Will will be just as important during the forging of the knife as what Iorek will do?
(a) What Will thinks
(b) What Will is holding
(c) What shape the knife becomes
(d) What the knife wants

3. What is Lord Roke's people's job to do in order to help Lord Asriel?
(a) Build weapons
(b) Work magic
(c) Spy
(d) Kill

4. What is Father Gomez looking for in order to find Lyra?
(a) Will
(b) Her daemon
(c) Dust
(d) Her tempter

5. What is Father Gomez sent to do?
(a) Kill Lyra
(b) Find Lord Asriel's location
(c) Retrieve the alethiometer
(d) Find Will

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lyra and Will tell the Gallivespians that they must do before they go to Lord Asriel?

2. What is the response of the Gallivespian spies when they find that Lyra and Will don't intend to wait for Lord Asriel's transport for them?

3. What are the bears on a journey to do?

4. What does the man in the suit tell them they will have to wait on before they continue traveling?

5. What thought comes to Will's mind and almost causes him to break the knife a second time?

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