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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirteen, Tialys and Salmakia | Chapter Fourteen, Know What It Is.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect does Dr. Malone have on the Specters?
(a) They are afraid of her
(b) They swarm to her
(c) They obey her
(d) They become enraged when she is around

2. What does Iorek do when he comes upon Lee's body?
(a) Burns his body
(b) Gives him a proper burial
(c) Eats it
(d) Puts him on a raft out to sea

3. What causes Mrs. Coulter to drop her weapon?
(a) Someone bit her
(b) Pantalaimon bit her
(c) She was struck by a stray bullet
(d) She was stabbed

4. What does Mary spot about to attack the Mulefa?
(a) Huge rats
(b) A neighboring tribe
(c) Giant birds
(d) Large snakes

5. What does Mrs. Coulter tell Ama has happened to her daughter?
(a) She stubbed her toe
(b) She is very ill
(c) She has been put under a spell
(d) She is healing herself

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mary Malone tell the Mulefa that cause them to laugh?

2. Who does Mrs. Coulter look like to Will causing him to drop the knife?

3. What are the bears on a journey to do?

4. What does Will ask the angel, Bathalmos, to do before they go into Lyra's world?

5. Why does Mrs. Coulter tell Ama not to tell anyone that Mrs. Coulter and her daughter are in the cave?

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