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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirty-Three, Marzipan.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lyra find out when she uses the alethiometer to ask about the broken knife?
(a) The angels can fix it
(b) There is another knife
(c) Iorek can fix it
(d) The Ghasts have the ability to fix it

2. How does Mary explain the woman that was in her dreams?
(a) Scary
(b) Old and no so old
(c) Kind but not kind
(d) Pretty but also plain

3. Who does Ama say that she wants to help?
(a) The holy woman's daughter
(b) Her neighbor
(c) A boy of about twelve
(d) Her cousin

4. What does Atal do when Mary finally returns to the ground?
(a) Gives Mary a flower
(b) Sings a song
(c) Does a dance
(d) Touches Mary with her trunk

5. What does Mary see when the Mulefa from the neighboring village come to get her?
(a) Large amounts of Dust
(b) Ghosts
(c) Father Gomez
(d) Witches

Short Answer Questions

1. What creature does Atal tell Mary spoke to the first of their kind and showed them how to use the seed pods?

2. Who does Will say he wants to find while he is there?

3. How does Mary explain to Atal that she can tell Will and Lyra are different sexes?

4. What do the ghost children say is something that no one ever forgets?

5. What does Father Gomez see when a bird hisses at him?

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