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The Alethiometer - A device about the size of a pocket compass that can answer questions posed by those who can read it. It has 36 pictures around the rim and a needle that points to pictures which reveal an answer to a question.

The Knife - This object cuts any material and cuts between worlds, but yet is not indestructible. If the bearer of the object is distracted, the object will shatter. The object has intentions of its own, unanticipated by its creators.

Dust/Shadows/Sraf - All names for the same thing. This substance is slowly disappearing.

The Amber Spyglass - Mary Malone makes this object out of a lacquer made from the sap of seed-pod trees while in the world of the Mulefa. She cuts the sheet in half and creates two lenses. Through two lenses, she can see Dust. The Mulefa make a...

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