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Find an online program that allows you to create a crossword puzzle. Use people and places found in the book as words.

The Alethiometer

Create your own alethiometer. There is quite a bit of description given in the book and several of the symbols are explained. Create one out of any material you see fit.

The Subtle Knife

The Sublte Knife is replacing the Ginsu knives. Work up an infomercial for the new knives that slice and dice through anything... EVEN THE FABRIC OF REALITY. Order yours today.

Guess Who

Come dressed as a character from the story. Have your classmates guess who you are. Remember that most of the characters accessorized at some point. Witches had brooms, Lee had a hat and many of the characters had daemons.


There are many characters that died in the story. Create a eulogy for one of the characters...

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