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Chapter One, The Enchanted Sleeper | Chapter Two, Balthamos and Baruch

• Mrs. Coulter tells a village girl that Lyra has been magically enchanted and they are seeking safety from the man that did it.

• Mrs. Coulter drugs Lyra with tea to keep her from waking.

• Will decides to go and find Lyra before going to Lord Asriel.

• Will has the angel following him pose as a daemon as they go into Lyra's world.

Chapter Three, Scavengers | Chapter Four, Ama and the Bats

• Iorek finds Lee's body and vows to have revenge for Lee's death.

• A Cliff Ghast finds a fox who confesses all he knows from Serafina and Iorek's conversation before he is killed.

• Ama sees Mrs. Coulter slap Lyra and force drugs down the girls throat.

• Ama vows to help Lyra.

Chapter Five, The Adamant Tower | Chapter Six, Preemptive Absolution

• Baruch enters Lord Asriel's castle and relates information...

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