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Steve Berry (novelist)
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Short Answer Questions

1. Karol thinks it is his fault that ________________________ are dead.

2. How did Paul's parents die?

3. Who does Knoll notice when she gets on the plane?

4. Who is the wealthy contractor who is going to search the tunnels built by the Nazis?

5. Why does the person in #57 want to see Karol?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Rachel's perceptions of Knoll after talking with him?

2. What does Pannik reveal to Paul and Rachel regarding explosions in the cave?

3. What happened to The Amber Room under Hitler's orders?

4. What is it that Fellner would like to find before he retires and what is the new lead to find it?

5. How do Rachel and Paul differ in their views about continuing on with the investigation?

6. Why are Wayland and Grumer so charming in dealing with the investors?

7. How does Knoll learn that Rachel is going to Germany?

8. How does the author show that Knoll was behind the taxi accident that almost killed Rachel?

9. How does Paul's character begin to show more depth?

10. What distracts Paul's attention during the meeting in the mine?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

The author uses more than one theme in the novel. Identify at least two themes in the story and then cite an example to support each theme.

Essay Topic 2

The author uses some important instances of foreshadowing in the story. Explain what foreshadowing is and cite at least two examples making sure to explain what makes each an example of foreshadowing.

Essay Topic 3

Explain the significance of the novel's title. What did the author mean by calling the book "The Amber Room"? Cite an example to support your answer.

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