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Steve Berry (novelist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which one of Hitler's men claimed to know the location of The Amber Room in order to stay alive after the war?
(a) Enrich Koch.
(b) Klaus Barbie.
(c) Rudolf Hoess.
(d) Josef Mengele.

2. Where is Paul keeping the letters and wallet found in the cave?
(a) Taped to his body.
(b) In the hotel safe.
(c) In a safe deposit box.
(d) Under the false bottom of his briefcase.

3. Who goes by the name Margarethe?
(a) Marilyn.
(b) Cynthia.
(c) Rachel.
(d) Suzanne.

4. Who does Rachel convince Paul into seeing before they head back to Atlanta?
(a) Wayland McKoy.
(b) Hubert Heinrich.
(c) Fritz Pannik.
(d) Franz Fellner.

5. What does Loring show his guests during dinner?
(a) Pieces of amber.
(b) Vintage wine.
(c) Hitler's crystal goblets.
(d) Antique pistols.

6. Who is McKoy's employee in the cave at the same time as McKoy, Paul and Rachel?
(a) Specialist Andre La Croix.
(b) Herr Doctor Alfred Grumer.
(c) Herr Doctor Alex Koenig.
(d) Herr Doctor Heinrich Mueller.

7. How much is Suzanne willing to pay for information about The Amber Room?
(a) Twenty five million euros.
(b) Five million euros.
(c) Fifteen million euros.
(d) One million euros.

8. What does Knoll do after he escapes from the mine?
(a) Leaves Rachel inside to die.
(b) Notifies the guards.
(c) Calls for emergency rescue.
(d) Tries to clear rubble so Rachel can breathe.

9. Who kills Grumer?
(a) Fellner.
(b) Margarethe.
(c) McKoy.
(d) Knoll.

10. How does Danya know who Rachel is?
(a) He has seen her picture in the paper.
(b) He has met her before.
(c) He asks to see her identification papers.
(d) He can see Karol in her face.

11. Who is Suzanne now trying to kill?
(a) Knoll.
(b) Karol.
(c) Berne.
(d) Rachel.

12. Danya says that he and Karol had seen The Amber Room in _____________________.
(a) the Austrian Alps.
(b) the Harz Mountains.
(c) the Swiss Alps.
(d) the Rockie Mountains.

13. How can Paul best be described?
(a) Sporadic.
(b) Methodical.
(c) Impertinent.
(d) Mercurial.

14. What is Wayland McKoy's current business in Germany?
(a) Banking and investing.
(b) Excavating caves for treasure.
(c) Microbiology research.
(d) Technology installations.

15. Which of the following does Suzanne NOT promise Knoll after he catches up to her?
(a) She promises to tell him everything.
(b) She calls a truce.
(c) She will tell him the location of The Amber Room.
(d) She promises to sleep with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom is Grumer working?

2. Who did Loring use to restore The Amber Room?

3. What do Loring and Suzanne tell the people in #164?

4. What does Danya give to Rachel and Knoll before they leave his house?

5. What does the person in #145 shoot at in the cave?

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