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Steve Berry (novelist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Suzanne stolen for her employer?
(a) A Faberge egg.
(b) A Russian rifle.
(c) A rare book.
(d) A snuffbox.

2. Knoll notices that _______________ has been following him as he makes his way back to his hotel.
(a) Danya.
(b) Suzanne.
(c) Serb.
(d) Ian.

3. Where does Paul have a meeting with a reporter?
(a) The Museum of Modern Art.
(b) The Getty Museum.
(c) The Metropolitan Museum.
(d) The High Museum of Art.

4. How old was Karol when his wife died?
(a) 45.
(b) 57.
(c) 70.
(d) 32.

5. What is Rachel not looking forward to this year?
(a) Packing to move to a new house.
(b) Planning a wedding for her daughter.
(c) Having back surgery.
(d) Campaigning for Judge.

6. What does Karol do that infuriates Knoll?
(a) He spits on him.
(b) He throws him out of the house.
(c) He throws a drink on him.
(d) He slaps him.

7. Where does Rachel find her father's dead body?
(a) In his bed.
(b) In the bathroom.
(c) In the garage.
(d) At the bottom of the stairs.

8. What is the yantarnaya komnata?
(a) Russian currency.
(b) A martini.
(c) The secret road map.
(d) The Amber Room.

9. In what year was The Amber Room finally completed?
(a) 1901.
(b) 1855.
(c) 1770.
(d) 1932.

10. For whom does Suzanne Danzer work?
(a) Franz Fellner.
(b) Ernst Loring.
(c) Henrik Mueller.
(d) Ernst Lowenbrau.

11. The Amber Room was commissioned in what year?
(a) 1776.
(b) 1701.
(c) 1912.
(d) 1865.

12. Why did killings not usually occur at night in the concentration camp?
(a) The officers are relaxing.
(b) People could hide in shadows.
(c) It was too dark.
(d) The gas chambers had to be aired out.

13. What are the four men given as they are led from the barracks?
(a) Blindfolds.
(b) Whiskey.
(c) Cigarettes.
(d) Wool coats.

14. After World War II, the Russian government employed thousands of people to investigate ________________________.
(a) German weapons plants.
(b) the location of art stolen by the Nazis.
(c) Hitler's family members.
(d) the Holocaust.

15. Knoll's father was a fervent member of __________________.
(a) the Catholic Church.
(b) the Rotary.
(c) the Nazi party.
(d) the Democratic party.

Short Answer Questions

1. Karol was concerned because the _____________ was asking questions about The Amber Room.

2. Why does the person in #57 want to see Karol?

3. In Chapter 7, where is Christian Knoll when he breaks into a chateau?

4. The man's name is changed from Karl to ______________.

5. Who picks up Karol's grandchildren at the house?

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