Objects & Places from The Amber Room

Steve Berry (novelist)
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Atlanta, Georgia

This is where the Cutlers and Karol Boyra live at the beginning of the novel.


This was a concentration camp in Austria.

Munich, Germany

This is the city Rachel flies to before going to see Danya.


This is the town Danya currently lives in and where he is murdered at his home.

Hartz Mountains

This location was used by the Nazis during the war; postwar, they were mined to search for treasures.

St. Petersburg

Knoll visits this Russian city while researching files about the Amber Room.

Castle Loukov

This site is located in the Czech Republic and is the home of Ernst Loring and Suzanne.

Stod, Germany

This city is where Wayland begins mining for the Amber Room.


This is Karol's hometown, and Rachel and Paul return his body here at the end of the book.

Northeast Italy

This is where the reader...

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