The Amber Room Multiple Choice Test Questions

Steve Berry (novelist)
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1. What nationality is Karol Broya?
(a) Swedish.
(b) Russian.
(c) Polish.
(d) German.

2. What is the nickname given to Karol by his fellow prisoners?
(a) Eyes.
(b) Ears.
(c) Tongue.
(d) Heart.

3. Who is the officer who enters the barracks one night?
(a) Captain Schwartz.
(b) Sergeant Humer.
(c) Lieutenant Nyberg.
(d) Sergeant Schwimmer.

4. What does the officer in #3 demand in the barracks?
(a) Four volunteers.
(b) Cigarettes.
(c) No talking.
(d) Lights out.

5. Why do the prisoners think the officer has come?
(a) To free them.
(b) To give them work orders.
(c) To torture them.
(d) To kill them.

6. Why did killings not usually occur at night in the concentration camp?
(a) It was too dark.
(b) People could hide in shadows.
(c) The officers are relaxing.
(d) The gas chambers had to be aired out.

7. What are the four men given as they are led from the barracks?
(a) Blindfolds.
(b) Whiskey.
(c) Wool coats.
(d) Cigarettes.

8. What is the name of the concentration camp where the prisoners are held?
(a) Auschwitz.
(b) Buchenwald.
(c) Mauthausen.
(d) Bergen Belsen.

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