The Amber Room Character Descriptions

Steve Berry (novelist)
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Rachel Cutler

She is a tough, no-nonsense, strong judge who is quick-witted, clever, attractive, and feisty.

Paul Cutler

He is a smart and good-looking lawyer from Atlanta, Georgia, and is revealed to be a meticulous planner and organizer.

Christian Knoll

He is a smart, highly educated, handsome and vicious man who grew up in Munich, Germany, with a mother who loved him dearly and a father who was a Nazi.

Suzanne Danzer

She is the Acquisitor for Ernst Loring and came into the position by taking her father's place as the Loring Acquisitor.

Karol Boyra

He was a soldier in the Soviet Army during World War II and was captured and sent to Mauthausen, a concentration camp in Austria.

Danya Chapaev

He was a member of the Extraordinary State Commission on the Registration and Investigation of the crimes of the Fascist German Occupiers.

Ernst Loring

He is extremely...

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