The Amber Room Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Steve Berry (novelist)
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• Karol Broya is a Russian man being held prisoner by the Nazis at Mauthausen, a concentration camp in Austria.

• Karol is the only one of his colleagues who can speak German, so they nickname him "Ears".

• A German officer barges into the barracks one night, demanding four volunteers.

• The Russian men are scared and confused because killings don't usually occur at night.

• The four Russians are given wool coats and watch as four German soldiers are marched onto the field.

• The Russian men are instructed to tie the soldiers to wooden stakes in the ground.

• Suddenly the main gate opens and an officer named Hermann Goering, Hitler's successor, enters.

• Goering tells the bound soldiers that unless the soldiers tell him where The Amber Room is, the Russian prisoners are to torture the men by pouring freezing water on them.

• Once they confess, a Russian prisoner will take...

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