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This is the town in Massachusetts from which Strether leaves on an errand on behalf of Mrs. Newsome.


This is the European city in which most of the dramatic action takes place. In the novel, it represents liberation of social customs.


These are the outdoor venues in which many pleasant conversations take place. In one of these places, the sculptor Gloriani holds a party.


This is the professional occupation of several of the characters in the novel, including John Little Bilham and Gloriani.


This is the type of note by means of which Strether communicates with Mrs. Newsome.


This is the name of the town on the west coast of England where Strether first lands in Europe and where he meets Waymarsh and Miss Gostrey.


An example of this venue is the Comédie-Français, Strether, Gostrey, and Waymarsh frequently attend...

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