The Ambassadors Character Descriptions

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Lambert Strether

This is the protagonist of the novel. He is from Woollett, Massachusetts and is 55 years old.


An American lawyer from Milrose Connecticut, this character is an expatriate living in Chester, England where the protagonist meets him.

Mrs. Newsome

Though this character never appears in the novel, she writes letters to the protagonist which he receives via telegraph. She is a wealthy widow whom the protagonist plans to marry.

Madame de Vionnet

This character is a Countess who is separated but not divorced from her husband. She pursues a romantic relationship with another of the characters who is younger than her.

Jeanne de Vionnet

This is the daughter of another of the primary characters. She is young, beautiful, and well-educated. Her arranged marriage to a French man comes as a surprise to many characters.

Jim Pocock

This character is an American from Woollett who is related to...

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