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Short Answer Questions

1. How many oarsmen were invited to the team rowing camp?

2. What weather came in while Wood was rowing on the Sunday of the finals?

3. When did Lewis hope to row at Henley in a single?

4. Who did Lewis want to row a double with in the fall after the Olympics?

5. How tall was Frank Cunningham when he returned to Harvard after the war?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Lewis decide about his and Enquist's chances at the Olympics after viewing videotapes of Lucerne and last year's world championships?

2. Why didn't Biglow watch videotapes of the final of the single scull?

3. Why was it so difficult for Wood that he was chosen to be a spare by the Olympic rowing committee?

4. Why was Marine boot camp a revelation to Frank Cunningham?

5. Why was Biglow glad that he chose Dartmouth Medical School?

6. What did Biglow like about being in the Olympic camp?

7. Why was Wood's fall from rowing so terrible?

8. How did Parker sometimes protect certain oarsmen whose skills he was confident of from the savagery of the seat?

9. Why did Bouscaren consider turning down the offer from New York Hospital?

10. Why did Parker and Altekruse argue on the day of the Princeton trials?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Harry Parker offered Lewis a spot as the eighth man in a quad. Using the arguments that Lewis used, argue whether he should or should not have accepted the position.

Essay Topic 2

After the training camp ended and the final selections for the Olympic games were made, Parker felt that he had made some mistakes. Discuss the mistakes that Parker believed he made during the training camp.

Essay Topic 3

The eastern and western rowing coaches had different coaching styles. Discuss the coaching styles of the eastern and western coaches, and why Biglow felt caught between the two styles of coaching.

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