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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Woodrow Wilson approach a philanthropist and ask for a donation for the Princeton law school?
(a) 1903.
(b) 1912.
(c) 1899.
(d) 1917.

2. How tall was Lewis?
(a) 6 ft. 3 in.
(b) 6 ft. 1 in.
(c) 5 ft. 11 in.
(d) 6 ft. 4 in.

3. Where was the most revealing image that Steve Kiesling ever saw published of John Biglow?
(a) Yale Daily News.
(b) The Daily Free Press.
(c) The Harvard Crimson.
(d) The Daily Princetonian.

4. Who was Harry Parker's greatest role model?
(a) Joe Burk.
(b) Peter Preston.
(c) Andrew Brignon.
(d) Charles Watson.

5. On the Monday after the finals, which country pulled out of the 1984 Olympics?
(a) Soviet Union.
(b) Lithuania.
(c) West Germany.
(d) Latvia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What physical problems had bothered Biglow that interfered with his rowing?

2. Where were the Olympic trials held in Chapter 1?

3. What were Anthony Bouscaren's religious beliefs?

4. What year did Biglow graduate from college?

5. How long was the annual rowing race between Yale and Harvard?

Short Essay Questions

1. What adjustments did Altekruse have to make when he went from being an oarsman to a sculler?

2. Why didn't Bouscaren play tennis at Yale?

3. Why would it have been difficult for the Dallas Cowboys to draft Carl Lewis as a possible wide receiver?

4. How did Wood feel when he was rowing in the final?

5. What was an economic reason why Christopher Wood chose to travel with Charley Altekruse?

6. How would Wood's coach Harry Parker accept it if Wood said that he no longer wanted to be a sculler?

7. What questions did Biglow ask Parker when he called him before he returned to Cambridge?

8. Why didn't Biglow's grandmother want him to row in the Olympic trials?

9. What caused Madison Avenue to become more interested in the Olympics?

10. Describe Pertti Karppinen.

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