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1. In what way were the rowing athletes treated differently from other Olympic hopefuls?

Rowing athletes did not have chartered planes or buses to ferry them to the trials. Team managers did not hustle their luggage from the bus to the hotel desk. There were no arrangements so that at mealtime they simply needed to sign the tab. Rowers had to hitch rides, borrow beds, and meals were desperately budgeted.

2. Why was Christopher Wood known for being particularly experienced in scrounging lodging and food?

Christopher Food was an expert at scrounging lodging and food. At the Princeton Motor Lodge one time, he and his teammates had rented a double room for $30. They removed the mattresses off the box springs, laid them side by side and four people stayed in one room for $7.50 each.

3. What was an economic reason why Christopher Wood chose to travel with Charley Altekruse?

Wood chose to travel with Altekruse because besides the ability to split costs, there was an additional financial benefit to traveling with Altekruse. Since Altekruse had recently graduated from college, he had a better network of friends and graduate students located around the eastern colleges where regattas took place. In Princeton they would stay at the home of friends and further save on costs.

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