The Amateurs Character Descriptions

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John Biglow

This rower, who came from Seattle, had a learning disability that made it difficult for him to read.

Tiff Wood

This person was 31, had passed up opportunities to pursue rowing, and whose nickname came from the difficulty children had pronouncing his name when he was younger.

David Halberstam

This person wrote the book and had won a Pulitzer Prize for journalism.

Joe Bouscaren

This person was smaller and younger than some of the other rowers and became a physician who interned in Seattle.

Brad Lewis

This person was difficult to get along with, worked at Wells Fargo bank, and won a gold medal in the double scull in the 1984 Olympic Games.

Paul Enquist

This man was easy to get along with and won a gold medal in the double scull in the 1984 Olympic games.

Charley Altekruse

This person won a double position, but was overcome by...

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