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Chapters 1 & 2

• Although it was an Olympic trial being held in Princeton, New Jersey, there was very little public recognition or coverage by the press.

• A handful of cardboard signs had been hastily put up for the few who might have been interested in watching the events.

• There were no team managers, chartered buses or arranged meals.

• The athletes had to scrounge for rides, beds and food.

• Christopher Wood, the favorite rower to represent the United States in the single sculls, was an expert at scrounging.

• He had driven from Cambridge spending $150 in gas, oil, and meals or about twice what the Olympic Committee had given him.

• Although the Olympic Committee did cover some expenses, it was very little.
• Wood's parents were quite well-off and paid for most of his expenses.

• In the 1970s and 1980s, Christopher Wood was one of the most important Americans in the sport of...

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