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Caleb Carr
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who says, "Change isn't something most people enjoy, even if it's progressive change."?

2. What body parts were removed from a murdered brother and sister and left in a water tank?

3. Where does the woman Moore was once engaged to live?

4. What is the technical term for fingerprinting?

5. Why does Giorgio run away from home?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Sara waiting for Moore at his doorstep in Chapter 8?

2. What do the Isaacsons tell Moore and Kreizler about the murders of a brother and sister after examining their bodies?

3. Why does the investigative team visit Castle Garden in Chapter 14?

4. What leads Kreizler to believe that the person who killed the boy prostitute is a serial killer?

5. Why does Sara express concern for Kreizler in Chapter 19?

6. Why does Kreizler want Moore to meet him at Bellevue the day after they find the first body?

7. Why does Moore go to Paresis Hall in Chapter 11?

8. Why does Kreizler withhold his goal from the Isaacsons when he asks them to examine the bodies of a brother and sister?

9. Why is Sara concerned for the safety of the Santorellis?

10. Why does Moore wake up in a strange place in Chapter 12?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the role of Theodore Roosevelt in the novel. How does he drive the plot? Discuss the ways the story benefits from having a real person as a character. What disadvantages are there to this usage?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Moore and Kreizler. How are they alike and how are they different? How do the characters play off of each other? How might the story be different if either character was not present?

Essay Topic 3

Explore the fact that powerful men in the city are trying to scare the team off of the murder case. Who are the men that have been trying to put a stop to the investigation? What lengths have they gone to to try to scare Kreizler and Moore off of the case? What are there reasons for doing this? What do you think the author is trying to say about the city during this time period through the powerful men?

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