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Caleb Carr
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nickname does Roosevelt's wife give to Kreizler?
(a) The puzzle.
(b) The enigma.
(c) The riddle.
(d) The clue.

2. The killer sends a letter to Mrs. Santorelli suggesting that he may have done what?
(a) Beaten Giorgio with a belt.
(b) Taken photos of Giorgio's body.
(c) Kept Giorgio's clothing.
(d) Eaten part of Giorgio's body.

3. Why does Giorgio run away from home?
(a) To join the military.
(b) To elope.
(c) He was being beaten.
(d) He wanted to become a dancer.

4. Why is Sara worried about Kreizler in Chapter 19?
(a) He has not been eating.
(b) He has a fever.
(c) He has not been sleeping.
(d) He begins talking to himself.

5. What is Moore reading when Sara calls him in Chapter 13 to tell him another murder had happened?
(a) The Principles of Psychology.
(b) The Rules of Psychology.
(c) The Maxims of Psychology.
(d) The Morals of Psychology.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Moore that the Santorellis might have been harmed?

2. What is the technical term for fingerprinting?

3. How many women work for the New York City police department at the time when Kreizler is investigating a murder?

4. In what city does the novel take place?

5. Where does the woman Moore was once engaged to live?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kreizler react when Sara announces that she believes the killer had a woman in his life who has lead to his suffering?

2. Why do Kreizler and Moore visit Kreizler's institute in Chapter 7?

3. What does Marcus discover when examining the scene of the murder of the second boy prostitute?

4. Why is Sara waiting for Moore at his doorstep in Chapter 8?

5. What does Moore learn from one of Giorgio's friends about his murder?

6. What do the Isaacsons tell Moore and Kreizler about the murders of a brother and sister after examining their bodies?

7. What does Joseph tell Moore and Marcus about the second murdered boy prostitute?

8. Why does Moore go to Paresis Hall in Chapter 11?

9. What is the crime scene discovered on March 3, 1896?

10. Why does Sara express concern for Kreizler in Chapter 19?

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