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Caleb Carr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Moore's first name?
(a) Seth.
(b) Peter.
(c) John.
(d) Adam.

2. In what year does the novel open?
(a) 1914.
(b) 1919.
(c) 1913.
(d) 1917.

3. The man who killed his neighbor's daughter for no apparent reason has been put on what drug?
(a) Midazolam.
(b) Chloral hydrate.
(c) Lorazepam.
(d) Nitrazepam.

4. Which character emphasizes that the killer should not be thought of as a monster?
(a) Sara.
(b) Kreizler.
(c) Moore.
(d) Roosevelt.

5. Where has the latest victim been found in Chapter 14?
(a) Ellis Island.
(b) The Statue of Liberty.
(c) Emerald Isle.
(d) Castle Garden.

6. In what month does the novel open?
(a) July.
(b) January.
(c) June.
(d) October.

7. Why does Giorgio run away from home?
(a) To join the military.
(b) He was being beaten.
(c) He wanted to become a dancer.
(d) To elope.

8. What is the name of the man who killed his neighbor's daughter for no apparent reason?
(a) Kidd.
(b) Bloodsworth.
(c) Hobbes.
(d) Wolff.

9. What does Moore do for a living?
(a) Musician.
(b) Teacher.
(c) Office manager.
(d) Reporter.

10. How long has it been since a brother and sister were murdered and mutilated?
(a) Three years.
(b) Five years.
(c) Six years.
(d) Eight years.

11. What ailment does Kreizler's housekeeper have?
(a) She has arthritis.
(b) She is blind.
(c) She is mute.
(d) She cannot walk.

12. What is the name of Moore's friend who writes a newspaper article about the killer?
(a) Steffens.
(b) Tyler.
(c) Young.
(d) Winslow.

13. In Chapter 17, the team begins to think the killer with what in the city?
(a) Hospitals.
(b) Parks.
(c) Monuments.
(d) Rooftops.

14. What club does the team visit in Chapter 17?
(a) Golden Rule.
(b) Steel Tower.
(c) Silver Bullet.
(d) Red Robin.

15. What is the last name of an essayist called Jake?
(a) Harding.
(b) Bourdon.
(c) Riis.
(d) Armstrong.

Short Answer Questions

1. What month is it when Sara calls Moore in Chapter 13 to tell him another murder had happened?

2. Moore says Hotel Gonfarone serves the best of what kind of food?

3. What nickname does Roosevelt's wife give to Kreizler?

4. Who does Marcus say is good with kids?

5. What is Kreizler's first name?

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