Objects & Places from The Alienist

Caleb Carr
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Letter from Killer

Sara comes into possession of this item, which is sent to Mrs. Santorelli. The team uses this item to learn a great deal about the killer, including his obsession with Indian mutilation.


One of these items appears on the lid of a box that holds the heart of Japheth Dury's mother.

Murder Report

Moore is given this document, which includes the same type of mutilation that has appeared in the boy-prostitute murders. The document leads to the discovery of Japheth Dury and the genesis of John Beecham.


Stevie is constantly asking for these objects from the investigative team despite the fact that Kreizler does not want him to have them.

Chloral Hydrate

This is a cheap sedative that doctors overuse in asylums during the time period in which this novel is set.


Moore, the Isaacsons, and Sara find this item hanging in...

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