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Caleb Carr
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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Perception: Chapters 1-3)


Part 1, Perception: Chapters 1-3

When the novel opens, the setting is 1919, but the reader is quickly thrust back in time when the main characters and President Theodore Roosevelt, a real person, are solving a murder case. This lesson will explore the use of a real person as a character in a fictional novel.


1) Class discussion: When do you first realize Roosevelt is a real person? Why do you think Carr used Roosevelt as one of his characters? What tone does this character set for the book?

2) In-class writing: Keep a journal while studying this book. Write in your journal about why you think the story opens with Roosevelt's funeral. How does this event set the stage for the rest of the story?

3) Small group discussion: Split the class into four groups and have them discuss the ways the story benefits from having a real person...

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