The Alienist Character Descriptions

Caleb Carr
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John Schuyler Moore

This character is a reporter for the New York Times, who was once was a political reporter in Washington but got fired because of a scandal.

Dr. Lazlo Kreizler

This character, who is the child of a wealthy, highly social German immigrant, suffers a broken arm as a child and this causes his or her arm to be stunted, leaving it small even into adulthood.

Sara Howard

This character, who was raised to believe they can do anything they want to do, wants to be the cop with the New York City police department and comes up with a critical piece of the picture in regards to the serial killer in the novel.

Lucius and Marcus Isaacson

These characters are Jewish detectives with the New York City Police Department and have a strong background in forensic medicine.

Stevie Taggert

This character, who was once a...

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