The Alienist Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Caleb Carr
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Part 1, Perception: Chapters 1-3

• John Schuyler Moore, a newspaper reporter, meets his old friend Lazlo Kreizler, an alienist, for lunch after Theodore Roosevelt's funeral.

• Moore and Kreizler begin to talk about the investigation they worked on with Roosevelt more than 20 years ago.
• The narrative cuts to March 3, 1896, where Moore is woken up by someone pounding on his door.

• Moore opens the door to find Stevie Taggert, a former street thief who is now a servant for Kreizler, who has asked Moore to come see him.

• When Moore arrives with Stevie, he finds police officers gathered at the bottom of a watchtower.

• Moore goes to see what is happening, but he is unprepared for what he finds.
• Moore has found himself at the murder scene of a young boy who has been mutilated.

• Roosevelt, the police chief at the time, is there, and he helps his friend Moore deal...

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