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The Imperial Throne

This is another term for the office of the Emperor.

The Byzantine Empire

This was led by an Emperor and also descended from the Eastern Roman Empire.

Constantinople, the Queen of Cities

This place was the capital city and also the home of the author of the book.


This place was a holy city conquered during the First Crusade.


This place was an ancient Greek city that connected two major cities during the Byzantine Empire.


This place is ruled by the Seljuk Turks under Alexius' rule.


This place is a city on the coast of Albania that was also a crucial battleground.

The Frankish Kingdom

This group was legendary warriors and frightened others with their ferocity.

The Seljuk Sultanate

This office was a major threat to Alexius during his rule.

The Patriarchate and Synods

This group was part of the Orthodox...

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