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Students should imagine that they are journalists living in the Byzantine Empire and write on one of the people, such as Alexius, Robert, Anna or another historical figure. Students should write an obituary of about 500 words for one of the characters in the book.

Map it Out!

Conquests were common during the time of Alexius as described in "The Alexiad". Students should map out the territories gained or lost by each group of people described in "The Alexiad", including the Normans, Franks, etc.

Byzantine Society

Students should review the significant achievements made in Byzantine society, such as legal, artistic, architectural, literary and philosophical achievements.

Portrait of a Ruler

Students should choose one of the rulers discussed in "The Alexiad" and draw a portrait of that ruler. Students should put their portrait on display and discuss the significance of the person.

Byzantine Jeopardy

Create 25 to 30 questions and answers...

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