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Preface and Book I

• In the Preface and Book I, Anna, the author of the book, introduces herself as daughter to Alexius and Irene. She is a well educated woman for her time.

• She writes the book to record her father's deeds, his life, so information about his life would not be lost.

• Although she had a noble birth, she does not feel fortune is with her and notes the death of Caesar Nicephorus, her husband.

• Alexius served the Roman Empire in his war against Ursel, who was a tyrant and a Frank by birth.
• Emperor Nicephorus sent Alexius against Nicephorus Byrennius, who claimed himself Emperor of Rome.

• Byrennius' plot to murder Alexius was foiled.

• Alexius persevered in battle against Basilacious.

• Robert the Norman was tyrannical and was in France as a robber-band leader, but climbed through nobility through marriage and inheritance.

• Robert attempted to pit King Henry...

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