The Alchemy of Race and Rights Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Patricia J. Williams
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Part I, Excluding Voices, A Necklace of Thoughts on the Ideology of Style, Chapter 1, The Brass Ring and the Deep Blue Sea

• In Part 1, Chapter 1, Patricia Williams hated being a lawyer.

• Williams found herself confronted with heart wrenching stories of the plight of women and African Americans in the U.S.

• Williams notes increasing crime rates, drug abuse, police brutality.

• Racism penetrates even the highest levels of culture, such as Harvard.
• Williams' goal with the Alchemy of Race and Rights was to focus on autonomy, community and order, while bridging theory and practice.

• Williams wanted to show how legal language flattened issues.

• Williams believed the law was inter-subjective and it had no objective.

• American jurisprudence had three features: drawing lines between concepts, such as rights and needs, public and private, and race; looking for non-contextual universal legal truths; and, finding an objective, unmediated voice.
• Williams examines how social...

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