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Short Answer Questions

1. Agricola called on whose help to equalize the sword fighting skills of the British?

2. Tacitus noted that the Germans felt which way about gold and silver?

3. Mattingly believes Tacitus underrated what about Rome and Germany's relationship?

4. How did Agricola's arrival in Britain differ from the usual arrival of a new governor?

5. Of the following, which title did Tacitus never hold?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare Britain's geographical location according to Tacitus' knowledge and to how it is known today.

2. How did Tacitus describe Britain when Agricola was first stationed there?

3. How did the Roman profiteers take advantage of the British natives?

4. What are some ways historians confirm Tacitus' account of Germany?

5. How did Tacitus describe slavery in Germany?

6. What evidence does Mattingly suggest shows Agricola likely took a route to cross the river Annan?

7. How did Tacitus compare the German tribes' religious beliefs to each other and to the Romans?

8. Who were Titus and Domitian and what was their relationship to the Roman Empire?

9. "The Germania" is the study of what in particular? Why was Tacitus so concerned?

10. Tacitus believed what was the general custom concerning the dead in Germany?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What must a reader be aware of when reading a non-fictional history book such as "The Agricola" and "The Germania"? How does this awareness help the reader detect bias and judgment from primary sources? How can this help the reader be a better historian when researching a subject? The students can use Mattingly as an example.

Essay Topic 2

What was the agenda of "The Germania?" Provide examples and evidence of theory of what Tacitus wanted the reader to know.

Essay Topic 3

How did Tacitus feel about the Roman Empire? What shows this? Did he agree with conquests and campaigns or was he in disagreement with the Roman way of life?

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