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Short Answer Questions

1. How was Arminius received at home after his win over Quintillius?

2. How did Agricola help rectify the treasury?

3. Of the following, which power did the Roman emperor NOT possess?

4. How did the public feel about Agricola's role in Britain?

5. What did Agricola not live to see?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some hints in "The Agricola" that showed Tacitus' true feelings about Domitian?

2. Who was Cartimandua and how was she significant in British and Roman history?

3. How did Tacitus compare the living arrangements of the Germans to the Romans?

4. Write a brief summary of the common plan that biographies, such as "The Agricola" follows.

5. Describe Tacitus' theories of British origin.

6. What did Agricola give to Domitian in his will? How was it received by Domitian as Tacitus believed it?

7. How did Agricola use surprise to attack Anglesey?

8. Between "The Agricola" and "The Germania," what seemed most significant to Tacitus? What common underlying theme was observed in both books?

9. What characteristic did Tacitus describe in Agricola in regards to judicial duties?

10. How did Tacitus describe Britain when Agricola was first stationed there?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Despite Tacitus' claimed that Germans seemed pure without intermarriages of other cultures, how did his work "The Germania" show otherwise. What evidence shows mixture of culture, habit, morals, ethics, and beliefs?

Essay Topic 2

How did Tacitus feel about the Roman Empire? What shows this? Did he agree with conquests and campaigns or was he in disagreement with the Roman way of life?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the German tribes. How were each culturally the same or different? What were some factors that lend to the similarities and differences?

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