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Short Answer Questions

1. During Agricola's praetorship, his responsibility of public games can be described as __________.

2. According to a Caledonian, what kept the Gauls and Germans under Roman rule?

3. According to Mattingly, what was most important to Tacitus in his life?

4. How did Agricola's successes become so famous?

5. Who was finally able to restore Roman prestige after years of cruel emperors?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence does Mattingly suggest shows Agricola likely took a route to cross the river Annan?

2. Tacitus wrote "The Hundred" was what significance to Germany?

3. How did Tacitus show bits of Roman life in "The Germania?"

4. Tacitus believed what was the general custom concerning the dead in Germany?

5. What did Tacitus intend to write in his old age, but why was it never written?

6. Close to getting a German province, Tacitus believed what caused Rome from procuring strongholds?

7. How did Tacitus compare the German tribes' religious beliefs to each other and to the Romans?

8. Describe Tacitus' theories of British origin.

9. Tacitus claimed Roman forces were able to defeat Germans after their first encounter due to what?

10. Describe reasons why the British believed "peacetime" under Roman rule was equivalent to slavery.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did Tacitus feel about the Roman Empire? What shows this? Did he agree with conquests and campaigns or was he in disagreement with the Roman way of life?

Essay Topic 2

Despite Tacitus' claimed that Germans seemed pure without intermarriages of other cultures, how did his work "The Germania" show otherwise. What evidence shows mixture of culture, habit, morals, ethics, and beliefs?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Agricola's relationship with each of the emperors he served under.

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