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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Notes, Bibliography, and Glossary.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Tacitus claim was the purpose of "baritus"?
(a) To show appreciation for a well-done victory.
(b) To challenge the enemy to a battle from afar.
(c) To unite valour before battle.
(d) To impress a female with a handsome song.

2. Without proper weapons, shelter, or horses, Tacitus described the Fenni as __________.
(a) Well content.
(b) Natural.
(c) Pathetic.
(d) Serene.

3. For what reason would the Romans not bother to conquer a country?
(a) It was a poor country.
(b) It lacked good agricultural lands.
(c) No reason. They would conquer any country.
(d) It did not have any form of resource.

4. Between which years was Tacitus alive?
(a) A.D. 85-150.
(b) B.C. 50-115.
(c) A.D. 500-1115.
(d) A.D. 50-115.

5. Where did Agricola stand when fighting with his men?
(a) In the middle as his men surrounded him.
(b) He did not fight in the battlegrounds.
(c) In the very front.
(d) In the back.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before Tacitus' time, a person who wrote an autobiography was considered to be__________.

2. Between which years were Agricola's campaigns in Britain?

3. What memorable adventure happened to the Usipi?

4. What benefit was there for Agricola when he married Domitia Decidiana?

5. What evidence shows Tacitus could have been wrong in claiming Domitian's triumph was a sham?

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