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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Notes, Bibliography, and Glossary.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the public feel about Agricola's role in Britain?
(a) They believed he was a puppet of Domitian.
(b) They were in favor of his work.
(c) They thought he was too soft with the British.
(d) They felt he was a failure in his campaigns.

2. What was unique about a betrothed German couple?
(a) The woman offered the dowry, not the man.
(b) They were encouraged to marry outside the clan.
(c) The man offered the dowry, not the woman.
(d) Mothers chose the bride and groom.

3. What physical attributes did Tacitus describe in the German people?
(a) Short, freckly, with red hair.
(b) Large and hairy.
(c) Blue eyes, red hair, with big frames.
(d) Dark hair and stout.

4. How did the British help the Romans succeed in conquering more regions?
(a) The British were fooled to give away their horses to the Romans.
(b) The British tribes fought against one another.
(c) The British underestimated the Roman leaders and was not prepared for war.
(d) The British allied with the Romans on campaigns into Germany.

5. Tacitus noted that __________ were often confused with Germans by the "civilized."
(a) The Spaniards.
(b) The Osi.
(c) The Celtics.
(d) The Gauls.

Short Answer Questions

1. What evidence shows Tacitus could have been wrong in claiming Domitian's triumph was a sham?

2. What special privilege did the Hermundui have in the Roman Empire?

3. What benefit was there for Agricola when he married Domitia Decidiana?

4. What style of writing did Tacitus follow?

5. What held back efficiency in a German assembly of chiefs?

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