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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Agricola.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What undertone does Mattingly suggest is written in "The Agricola"?
(a) Agricola single-handedly conquered Britain.
(b) A political tone of moderation.
(c) The Roman Empire should never have tried to conquer Germany.
(d) The emperor is too egocentric to see the Empire's weaknesses.

2. Which Roman ruler was the first to try to conquer Britain?
(a) Caligula.
(b) Claudius.
(c) Julius Caesar.
(d) Tiberius.

3. In the Introduction, Mattingly claims the Germans needed what if they were to ever reach maturity?
(a) A fierce ruler.
(b) Roman discipline.
(c) Power over drinking.
(d) A united kingdom.

4. What was one way a non-native established Roman citizenship?
(a) Enlisted in the army.
(b) Became a slave for seven years.
(c) Gave useful military information.
(d) Worked in the emperor's household.

5. What political harmony did Tacitus wish to see in the Roman Republic?
(a) Autocracy and freedom.
(b) The Senate and the Praetorian Guards.
(c) Harmony between the Emperor and Senate.
(d) The Roman Empire and the German tribes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of the following, what was most upsetting for Tacitus in regards to Agricola's death?

2. As stated by Mattingly, how does Tacitus compare to other historians of his age in regards to his writings about Germany?

3. Of the following, what was more resented by the people than tax?

4. Between which years was Tacitus alive?

5. Tacitus noted that __________ were often confused with Germans by the "civilized."

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