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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Agricola.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do modern historians identify Agricola's permanent forts?
(a) By Mattingly's history research.
(b) Through archaelogical excavation.
(c) By Tacitus' detailed accounts.
(d) By Trajan's detailed accounts.

2. Who helped Nerva bring the praetorian guards to obedience?
(a) Trajan.
(b) Agricola.
(c) Aulus.
(d) Vitellius.

3. How was Arminius received at home after his win over Quintillius?
(a) They looked upon him suspiciously of the truth.
(b) He was killed by his enemies that were his own countrymen.
(c) He was neither celebrated nor thought of.
(d) He was paraded around.

4. Tacitus credited whom for Roman successes?
(a) The Roman people.
(b) The governors of the provinces.
(c) The great line of emperors.
(d) The enemies for their own faults.

5. How did the public feel about Agricola's role in Britain?
(a) They thought he was too soft with the British.
(b) They felt he was a failure in his campaigns.
(c) They believed he was a puppet of Domitian.
(d) They were in favor of his work.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Domitian receive news of Agricola's successes?

2. According to Tacitus, Agricola felt it was more "honourable to __________ than to hate."

3. Agricola was brought up with an education in __________.

4. In the battle against the united British tribes on Mount Graupius, how did the number of fallen compare?

5. What other country did Agricola want to conquer in order to surround Britain?

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