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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Agricola.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Despite a quiet retirement, why did many ask Agricola to return to duty?
(a) He was charming and convincing with the enemy.
(b) The other generals were failures.
(c) Tacitus actively promoted the idea to everyone.
(d) He was the only one who kept Domitian in line.

2. What major characteristic did Tacitus note about the seas around Britain?
(a) They had a large expanse of tidal currents.
(b) They were easy to sail and row through.
(c) The width between Britain and Spain was not as far as assumed.
(d) They rushed to the ends of the earth.

3. In the Introduction, Mattingly claims the Germans needed what if they were to ever reach maturity?
(a) A fierce ruler.
(b) A united kingdom.
(c) Power over drinking.
(d) Roman discipline.

4. What memorable adventure happened to the Usipi?
(a) They ran into the Fenni and were almost eaten by them.
(b) They sailed around North Britain, starved and were mistaken as pirates.
(c) They had the best victory over Roman legions in history.
(d) They almost drowned in stormy seas off the coast of Britain.

5. What did Tacitus credit to changing the Gaul's warlike past?
(a) Their inferiority to German warriors.
(b) Peace within Roman life.
(c) Agriculture.
(d) Tacitus' famous oration on peace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Between which years was Tacitus alive?

2. Why did Tacitus feel the need to apologize for his life?

3. Of the following, which power did the Roman emperor NOT possess?

4. As stated by Mattingly, how does Tacitus compare to other historians of his age in regards to his writings about Germany?

5. What was Augustus's goal as a Roman leader?

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