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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The invasion of Italy by the Germans was __________.
(a) A slow creeping progress.
(b) Inevitable.
(c) Sudden.
(d) Expected.

2. Which German tribe(s) invaded Italy in 113 B.C.?
(a) Cimbri and Teutoni.
(b) Osi.
(c) Fenni.
(d) Seubi.

3. Who was finally able to restore Roman prestige after years of cruel emperors?
(a) Vespasian.
(b) Vitellius.
(c) Nero.
(d) Caligula.

4. How do modern historians identify Agricola's permanent forts?
(a) By Tacitus' detailed accounts.
(b) By Mattingly's history research.
(c) By Trajan's detailed accounts.
(d) Through archaelogical excavation.

5. What did Tacitus deny existed in Germany?
(a) Agriculture.
(b) Religion.
(c) Domestic slavery.
(d) Intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Arminius received at home after his win over Quintillius?

2. Tacitus noted that __________ were often confused with Germans by the "civilized."

3. What undertone does Mattingly suggest is written in "The Agricola"?

4. What was Tacitus' relationship to Agricola?

5. Where did Rome tend to enact its rules?

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