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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who helped Nerva bring the praetorian guards to obedience?
(a) Vitellius.
(b) Aulus.
(c) Agricola.
(d) Trajan.

2. What was Agricola best known for?
(a) His ability to execute a surprise attack.
(b) His diplomatic skills.
(c) His tactics and forts.
(d) His oratory skills.

3. Of the following, which power did the Roman emperor NOT possess?
(a) Power of censorship.
(b) Ability to recall elections.
(c) Initiate legislation.
(d) Military command.

4. According to Mattingly, what seems to be missing from Tacitus' accounts of Britain?
(a) Its climate.
(b) Its geography.
(c) Its culture.
(d) Agricola's role in the isle.

5. What was Rome's knowledge of Britain during Tacitus' lifetime?
(a) Nothing more than there were peoples there.
(b) They believed Britain was part of Spain.
(c) Complete exploration and knowledge due to Julius Caesar.
(d) Occasional accounts until Agricola arrived and campaigned.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do modern historians identify Agricola's permanent forts?

2. What happened to the emperor of Rome?

3. What did Tacitus deny existed in Germany?

4. How did Tacitus handle his political position under an emperor?

5. How did Agricola's successes become so famous?

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