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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Between which years was Tacitus alive?
(a) A.D. 50-115.
(b) A.D. 500-1115.
(c) A.D. 85-150.
(d) B.C. 50-115.

2. What style of writing did Tacitus follow?
(a) Long-winded.
(b) Brief and poetic.
(c) Allegorical.
(d) Stream of conscious.

3. Which Roman ruler was the first to try to conquer Britain?
(a) Caligula.
(b) Claudius.
(c) Tiberius.
(d) Julius Caesar.

4. The beginning years of British conquest can be described as __________.
(a) A rollover of the British isle by the Romans.
(b) A swing of victories between both parties.
(c) The Romans fighting against a brick wall with no arms.
(d) A slow but progressive campaign by the Romans.

5. What happened to Britain's hold after Agricola left?
(a) Little change occurred.
(b) There was a steady weakening of Roman hold.
(c) Everything won had been lost.
(d) Many forts were abandoned.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mattingly observes what defect in Tactitus' writings?

2. How did Augustus handle the Germans?

3. How was Arminius received at home after his win over Quintillius?

4. Mattingly states all of the following are "characteristic weaknesses" of ancient Germans EXCEPT what?

5. The invasion of Italy by the Germans was __________.

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