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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Notes, Bibliography, and Glossary.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Without proper weapons, shelter, or horses, Tacitus described the Fenni as __________.
(a) Serene.
(b) Pathetic.
(c) Natural.
(d) Well content.

2. What was Rome's knowledge of Britain during Tacitus' lifetime?
(a) Complete exploration and knowledge due to Julius Caesar.
(b) They believed Britain was part of Spain.
(c) Occasional accounts until Agricola arrived and campaigned.
(d) Nothing more than there were peoples there.

3. Why did Rome want to conquer Britain?
(a) For their knowledge of arms.
(b) Purely for victory over more lands.
(c) For their gold and silver.
(d) For revenge.

4. Tacitus claimed Domitian was ridiculed by the people for what reason?
(a) A fake triumph in Britain.
(b) His son was a coward in battle.
(c) A fake triumph in Germany.
(d) His wife commited adultery.

5. What was one of the most shameful acts a German soldier could do?
(a) Throw away his shield.
(b) Die before his first kill.
(c) Kill a woman or child.
(d) Cut his hair.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Augustus's goal as a Roman leader?

2. Which Caledonian addressed the British men to inspire courage against the Romans?

3. What happened to Maroboduus, the Marcomannic king?

4. How did Augustus handle the Germans?

5. What was one way a non-native established Roman citizenship?

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