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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Russia expand its relationships after the French Revolution?

2. Which areas were best connected, according to Hobsbawm?

3. Why does Hobsbawm say that the Industrial Revolution could only have happened in England?

4. What trend was Hobsbawm looking for in revolts and revolutions?

5. Why did the international congress among Europe's ruling nations dissolve after a few years?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the French Revolution proceed from 1792 to 1794?

2. Who does Hobsbawm say was most receptive to Romanticism, and why?

3. What was the effect, in Hobsbawm's account, of the American Revolution on the French Revolution?

4. What does Hobsbawm say was the third wave of revolutions to follow the French Revolution?

5. How, in Hobsbawm's account, did European land reforms fare in other places?

6. How does Hobsbawm describe the working class' living conditions?

7. How does Hobsbawm describe France's effect on land reform?

8. What does Hobsbawm say was the paradox of progress in certain countries of Europe?

9. How does Hobsbawm define middle class ideology?

10. Describe Robespierre's influence on the French Revolution.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How was Napoleon the ruler and leader of France, different from Napoleon the man? What movements did Napoleon, the man, ride at the forefront of? Did he shape his mythical identity consciously, or did the people of France and Europe create his mythical role themselves?

Essay Topic 2

70How does the Age of Revolution look if you discard the superlatives and try to see merely the new, small, day-to-day changes that made life markedly different from one year to the next over a period of 50 to 70 years? Write an extended journal entry or a series of short essays to describe what it must have been like for nineteenth-century Europeans to experience such a long period of consistent change.

Essay Topic 3

Was the secularization of European culture a benefit or a disadvantage of industrialization? Was it simply a transition, as people found their religion in other places? What functions had religion served that were now served by other, secular developments?

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