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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Career Open to Talent.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What developed in other European countries, but not in France?
(a) A market for common goods.
(b) An export market for luxury items.
(c) Nationalism.
(d) Militarism.

2. Why, according to Hobsbawm, did land reform take place in France?
(a) Because of Napoleon's defeat in Russia.
(b) Because of the French Revolution.
(c) Because of the Industrial Revolution.
(d) Because of the ravages of the Napoleonic Wars.

3. What did France produce as other countries' economies changed?
(a) Common goods for its domestic market.
(b) A full range of products.
(c) Raw materials for export.
(d) Luxury goods for export.

4. What did the French Revolution demonstrate to the rest of Europe?
(a) That Europe was not ready for democracy yet.
(b) That power will always reside in the aristocracy's hands.
(c) That tyrants could use popular uprisings for their own purposes.
(d) That people could rise up to fight for their freedom.

5. What happened that fostered nationalist movements in the Balkans?
(a) The Russians opened trade with the Balkan areas.
(b) Greeks began to flee to the Balkans to get away from the fighting in Greece.
(c) The Greeks attained independence and fixed borders.
(d) The Turks invaded, uniting the Balkan states against them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did many countries impose this transformation of land use on the people?

2. How did the concept of nationalism spread through Europe?

3. Where were the French forces superior to the English?

4. Who dominated the Third Estate in the 1780s in France?

5. What began to develop as industrialism developed in Europe?

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