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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ideology: Secular.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was represented by the "Third Estate" in France?
(a) The nobles.
(b) The bourgeoisie.
(c) The common people.
(d) The merchants.

2. What set the stage for the French Revolution, in Hobsbawm's account?
(a) France's war with Prussia.
(b) France's war with Russia.
(c) France's war with Britain.
(d) France's war with Austria.

3. What does Hobsbawm say had to happen to the land before its economic potential could be unleashed?
(a) It had to be freed from large owners.
(b) The scientific understanding needed to evolve that would let farmers work the land more efficiently.
(c) The population needed to expand.
(d) The temperature of Europe had to rise one degree.

4. What capability was open to the middle class, as a result of the age of revolutions, that was not open before the revolutions?
(a) Small business ownership.
(b) Land speculation.
(c) Migration.
(d) Class mobility.

5. What was abolished in the wake of Napoleon's victories?
(a) Monarchy.
(b) Feudalism.
(c) Aristocracy.
(d) Colonialism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What contrast became very clear as industrialism developed in Europe?

2. What did working-class organizers promise the workers, as the gap between rich and poor grew wider?

3. Where did the second wave of revolutions take place?

4. When did the Constituent Assembly create a new Constitution that turned France into a Constitutional monarchy?

5. What does Hobsbawm say the major European powers agreed on after the French Revolution?

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