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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ideology: Secular.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Hobsbawm say identified themselves with local traditions?
(a) The uneducated masses.
(b) The bourgeoisie.
(c) The aristocrats.
(d) The middle class.

2. What group does Hobsbawm say typified the revolutionary groups that became active in 1848?
(a) The Chartists.
(b) The Luddites.
(c) The Jacobins.
(d) The Carbonari.

3. How large were the circles within which people moved in the late 1700s, according to Hobsbawm?
(a) They were much more spread out.
(b) Smaller than today for some people, but larger for others.
(c) Much larger than today.
(d) Much smaller than today.

4. Who does Hobsbawm say typified the third kind of thinking that arose in the early 1800s?
(a) Rousseau and Hegel.
(b) Goethe.
(c) Coleridge.
(d) Wordsworth and Blake.

5. What idea does Hobsbawm say was just being developed after the turning point of 1830?
(a) Unionization.
(b) "Self-conscious" nationalism.
(c) International community.
(d) Separatism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did revolutionaries see as the goal of their revolutions?

2. What was the state of science in the period after the French Revolution?

3. Why were the working poor treated with contempt as a new social structure evolved in Europe?

4. What area was affected by what Hobsbawm calls the third wave of revolutions?

5. What did Hobsbawm say was the new law of businesses in the late 1700s?

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