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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ideology: Secular.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where were the French forces defeated in 1814?
(a) The Marne.
(b) Leipzig.
(c) Moscow.
(d) Waterloo.

2. What was the age of scientific and political progress in the 1700s called?
(a) Modernism.
(b) The Renaissance.
(c) The Enlightenment.
(d) The Romantic period.

3. What emerged in 1830, according to Hobsbawm's evaluation?
(a) A permanently poor underclass.
(b) A self-identified working class.
(c) Mechanisms for suppressing revolutions.
(d) State surveillance techniques.

4. When, in Hobsbawm's opinion, did the rate of change begin to increase quickly?
(a) 1832.
(b) 1848.
(c) 1830.
(d) 1815.

5. What was the consequence of French land reforms in North Africa, in Hobsbawm's account?
(a) They installed local officials as a new aristocracy.
(b) They created a discontented class of people who eventually revolted.
(c) They stripped away the wealth of the North African countries.
(d) They brought civilization to North Africa for the first time.

Short Answer Questions

1. The most industrialized countries saw more and more adherents of what religion?

2. What was the consequence of British land reforms in India?

3. What quality distinguished the revolutions that took place in 1848 from earlier revolutions, according to Hobsbawm?

4. What was Chartism?

5. Who does Hobsbawm say typified the third kind of thinking that arose in the early 1800s?

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