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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ideology: Secular.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why didn't France invade any territories after the French Revolution?
(a) The country was burdened with too much debt.
(b) The country was struggling with internal dissensions.
(c) The price of reintroducing Jacobinism was too high.
(d) The government could not raise an army large enough for any invasions.

2. What does Hobsbawm say was the greatest influence on political thought in the 19th century?
(a) The ancient Greeks.
(b) The French Revolution.
(c) The Industrial Revolution.
(d) The Renaissance.

3. How does Hobsbawm describe the traditional system of agriculture?
(a) As a backwards set of superstitions.
(b) As a hindrance to economic growth.
(c) As the foundation for industrialism.
(d) As a legacy of improvements.

4. Who dominated the Third Estate in the 1780s in France?
(a) The working poor.
(b) The middle class.
(c) The nobility.
(d) Revolutionaries and radicals.

5. How large were the circles within which people moved in the late 1700s, according to Hobsbawm?
(a) Much larger than today.
(b) They were much more spread out.
(c) Much smaller than today.
(d) Smaller than today for some people, but larger for others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the one nation Hobsbawm says could have been considered industrialized in 1848?

2. What does Hobsbawm say is the dual root of nationalism in Europe?

3. What view of society was beginning to be adopted widely, in Hobsbawm's account?

4. How did the concept of nationalism spread through Europe?

5. Why did places that had not been conquered by France reform their land use, in Hobsbawm's opinion?

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