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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What apostle and New Testament book does the anonymous author on the history of Ceolfrith cite as his inspiration for writing the book.
(a) He cites the epistles of St. Peter.
(b) He cites the Gospel of John.
(c) He cites the Apostle Paul's letter to the Hebrews.
(d) He cites the Apostle Paul's letters to the Corinthians.

2. Why does the anonymous author claim that King Egfrith donated the resources for building another church and monastery?
(a) To set an example of the support his subjects should give to Christianity.
(b) To show appreciation to Ceolfrith for healing his wife.
(c) To bring the blessings of God on his reign.
(d) For the redemption of his soul.

3. To what cause does Bede claim Benedict devoted himself after he traveled to Rome to visit the tombs of the Apostles?
(a) To training priestly aspirants to what is now known as the "Benedictine Order".
(b) To the interpretation and preaching of the Gospel.
(c) Making known the forms of church life he witnessed in Rome.
(d) To the translation and writing of scripture.

4. What example does the anonymous author claim that Ceolfrith took from his brother Cynefrith?
(a) Leaving the care of his monastery to younger men to go on a pilgrimage to Rome in his later years.
(b) Requiring all duties to be done before meals were to be shared.
(c) Establishing a work schedule that required all monks spend time copying Bibles.
(d) Holding the monks under his authority to high moral standards.

5. What practice did Ceolfrith pass on to the monks who joined him in building the new monastery?
(a) Interpreting scripture and rheotoric.
(b) Copying Bibles, interpreting scripture, and singing the Psalms.
(c) Copying Bibles and fasting on Fridays.
(d) Singing the Psalms, reading in church, and singing antiphons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the anonymous writer claim came into view after the ship ran out of food?

2. How does Bede claim Sigfrid came to be promoted from deacon to abbot after Eosterwine's left his abbey?

3. How did Brendan's traveling party arrive at the next island?

4. During their journey, what did they discover surrounded Judas Iscariot?

5. Where was the monastery that the anonymous author report Ceolfrith joined?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the anonymous writer of "The History of Abbot Ceolfrith" claim he wrote the book?

2. What challenge does the anonymous writer report came to Ceolfrith and Benedict after the plague claimed the lives of many monks and Abbot Eosterwine while they were on a pilgrimage to Rome?

3. Why did Bede claim that Benedict passed on the land that King Oswiu awarded him as a thane of Oswiu's kingdom?

4. In what practice did Ceolfrith train new monks and priests, according to the anonymous writer?

5. What manual trade does Bede report Benedict brought to England during construction of the monastery at the north bank at the mouth of the Wear River?

6. What was the first trip that Brendan and his 14 monks took after a series of thee-day fasts over 40 days according to the anonymous writer?

7. How did Ceolfrith's training under Abbot Botulf influence his life as a church leader, according to the anonymous author?

8. Who does Bede note that Benedict chose as abbot for the new monastery he built at Jarrow?

9. Who does the anonymous writer claim served as Brendan's party's guide for finding food after they had run out the first time on their trip?

10. Who does the anonymous author claim chose Ceolfrith to become a priest?

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