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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What example does the anonymous author claim that Ceolfrith took from his brother Cynefrith?
(a) Leaving the care of his monastery to younger men to go on a pilgrimage to Rome in his later years.
(b) Holding the monks under his authority to high moral standards.
(c) Establishing a work schedule that required all monks spend time copying Bibles.
(d) Requiring all duties to be done before meals were to be shared.

2. Where does the anonymous author report Ceolfrith was buried?
(a) In the church of the holy martyred brothers Speusippus, Eleusippus, and Meleusippus.
(b) In Wearmouth next to the tomb of Benedict.
(c) In the new abbey at Jarrow.
(d) In a secluded wood as he favored his time spent as a hermit.

3. Who confirmed the choice of Ceolfrith's replacement, according to Bede?
(a) Eleusippus.
(b) Meleusippus.
(c) Speusippus.
(d) Bishop Acca.

4. How long does the Anonymous writer claim Brendan and his party traveled before they ran out of food after they left the destination to which they traveled after the 40 days of fasting?
(a) 3 days.
(b) 7 days.
(c) For a whole year.
(d) 40 days.

5. How did Brendan's traveling party arrive at the next island?
(a) They were carried on the back of a whale.
(b) They rowed vigorously for 40 days.
(c) A fair wind sprang up and saved them from being overtaxed by the effort of rowing.
(d) They were carried by angels after winds had died.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many monks did the anonymous author report Ceolfrith left behind at his monasteries?

2. Who was chosen by the monks to serve as abbot in Ceolfrith's absence, according to the anonymous author?

3. What was Brendan's warning as they left the island?

4. What did the anonymous writer record that Brendan claimed they reached as they walked toward the furthest shore of their landing?

5. After Brendan said he and his son landed the boat in which they took their trip, how long did they walk on the island before without reaching the furthest shore from their landing, according to the anonymous writer?

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