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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the anonymous author claim provided Brendan's traveling party with food as it left this island?
(a) A young man carrying a basket of bread.
(b) A hermit named Paul.
(c) A dog.
(d) A man with an aura of shining light.

2. What condition does Bede write affected Sigfrith during his service as abbot?
(a) A lame leg.
(b) A painful and incurable disease of the lungs.
(c) A curved spine.
(d) Blindness.

3. What monastery construction on the north bank of Wear was funded by Benedict, according to Bede?
(a) St. Peter's Monastery.
(b) Ripon.
(c) Northumbria.
(d) Melrose.

4. Why did Benedict name Ceolfrith to be abbot over the two monasteries he helped to build, according to the anonymous author?
(a) Because both Benedict and the abbot who preceded Ceolfrith, Sigfrith, were on their deathbeds.
(b) Because Ceolfrith was faithful in helping to start other abbeys.
(c) Because Ceolfrith was the best candidate after the plague had caused the death of many monks.
(d) Because Ceolfrith showed his grasp of Christian understanding in debates with other monks.

5. What does Bede record to be Benedict's orders regarding the books he had brought back from his several trips to Rome?
(a) That they be offered to the Bishop so he could consider the best use of collection.
(b) That copied and spread throughout the monasteries of England.
(c) That they be returned to Rome and the collection from which they were borrowed.
(d) That they be kept as a single collection and not broken up piecemeal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who welcomed Ceolfrith in Gaul, according to the anonymous author?

2. Upon their second meeting of the creatures who were fallen angels, what was announced to Brendan and his party, according to the anonymous author?

3. Whose death was Ceolfrith compared in the letter from Rome?

4. What does the anonymous author report Brendan's traveling party found during the walks around the island?

5. Who donated the land for Benedict to build a monastery in Northumbria, according to Bede?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the anonymous writer claim Ceolfrith accompanied Benedict on a trip to Rome?

2. Who did Benedict chose as abbot for the monastery at Wearmouth, according to Bede?

3. Besides orthodox practices in Roman Catholicism, what does Bede credit Benedict with bringing back to England from his several pilgrimages to Rome?

4. When an island sailed away from Brendan's party, how did God explain the event to Brendan, according to the anonymous writer?

5. For what does the anonymous writer claim that Brendan was renowned?

6. What did the anonymous writer report to be surrounding Judas Iscariot when Brendan's party came upon him?

7. How far does the anonymous writer claim Ceolfrith got on his last pilgrimage to Rome?

8. Who does the anonymous writer claim served as Brendan's party's guide for finding food after they had run out the first time on their trip?

9. Who does the anonymous author claim chose Ceolfrith to become a priest?

10. What was the first trip that Brendan and his 14 monks took after a series of thee-day fasts over 40 days according to the anonymous writer?

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