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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The saints who are detailed in "The Age of Bede" lived in what two centuries according to Farmer?
(a) The sixth and seventh A.D.
(b) The fourth and fifth B.C.
(c) The fifth and sixth A.D.
(d) The sixth and seventh B.C.

2. To what biblical story does Stephanus compare the event that preceded the battle between Wilfrid's party and the pagans?
(a) The story of David and Goliath.
(b) The story of the Israelites taking the Holy land from the Philistines.
(c) The story of Caleb taking his mountain.
(d) The story of Gideon.

3. Who does Farmer report to be the earliest monk of the British Isles?
(a) Benedict, a Roman bishop.
(b) Cuthbert, a hermit of Lindisfarne.
(c) Brendan, an Irish monk.
(d) Ceolfrith, a monk of Wearmouth.

4. What does Bede claim Cuthbert did to convert water to wine as he stayed at a convent in Tyne?
(a) He spent a night's prayer vigil in a nearby lake.
(b) He drank the water from a cup.
(c) He performed a wedding and asked for God's provisions over the reception.
(d) He dipped the hem of his garment in a cask of water.

5. What does Stephanus claim was the King's response to the request that Wilfrid be sent to the duke?
(a) He promptly captured Wilfrid and sent him back to the petitioner, but God spared Wilfrid the condemnation.
(b) The king ignored the request.
(c) He tore up the scroll upon which the request was written in the audience of his court.
(d) He sent back a message that he had already executed Wilfrid to buy him time to escape.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Wilfrid's ship had run aground on the English shore and was surrounded by pagans, what event does Stephanus report occurred that preceded a battle between Wilfrid's party and the pagans?

2. Who does Bede claim first chastised Cuthbert for his idleness and his indulgences?

3. What does Bede report Cuthbert used to cure a sick servant to a bodyguard of King Ecgfrith?

4. Who does Farmer claim enabled Wilfred to travel to visit other churches through Europe?

5. What sign does Stephanus claim that God used to indicate that Wilfrid would serve him in the future?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did the anonymous writer report to be surrounding Judas Iscariot when Brendan's party came upon him?

2. Why does the anonymous writer of "The History of Abbot Ceolfrith" claim he wrote the book?

3. Besides orthodox practices in Roman Catholicism, what does Bede credit Benedict with bringing back to England from his several pilgrimages to Rome?

4. Why does the anonymous writer claim Ceolfrith accompanied Benedict on a trip to Rome?

5. What did a bird tell Brendan that his flock actually was, according to the anonymous writer?

6. Who does Stephanus credit with introducing Wilfred to the pope and teaching him the rules of Easter?

7. Who does Bede report presided over a great synod that selected Cuthbert as Bishop of Lindisfarne?

8. Who does the anonymous author claim chose Ceolfrith to become a priest?

9. What was the debate that Wilfred conducted with Bishop Colman, and what does Stephanus suggest it led to?

10. What statement does Stephanus write to defend the facts he reports in "The Life of Wilfred"?

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