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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Bede write about as the abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow?
(a) Benedict, Cuthbert, Wilfrid, and Brendan.
(b) Benedict, Ceolfrith, Eosterwine, Sigfrith, and Hwaetberht.
(c) Ceolfrith, Eosterwine, Cuthbert, and Colman.
(d) Benedict, Ceolfrith, Ahlfrid, and Ecgfrith.

2. Upon their second meeting of the creatures who were fallen angels, what was announced to Brendan and his party, according to the anonymous author?
(a) Their voyage was nearly over.
(b) God would take them safely home.
(c) Brendan and his party would come to what appeared to be a rocky island, but was not.
(d) Brendan and his party would spend a year at four different places that were to represent the four seasons of the year.

3. Who does the anonymous author credit with providing master builders for the monastery that Ceolfrith helped to build?
(a) Bishop Wilford.
(b) Abbot Botulf.
(c) Tunbert.
(d) Abbot Torthelm.

4. Why does the anonymous author claim that King Egfrith donated the resources for building another church and monastery?
(a) To set an example of the support his subjects should give to Christianity.
(b) To bring the blessings of God on his reign.
(c) To show appreciation to Ceolfrith for healing his wife.
(d) For the redemption of his soul.

5. Who does the anonymous author claim provided Brendan's traveling party with food as it left this island?
(a) A hermit named Paul.
(b) A man with an aura of shining light.
(c) A young man carrying a basket of bread.
(d) A dog.

6. After his fourth trip to Rome, what does Bede report that Benedict brought back to Britain?
(a) A large number of books on all branches of sacred knowledge.
(b) Scholars who were trained in the interpretation of Scripture.
(c) Icons from the tombs of saints to aid in the performance of miracles.
(d) A cantor named John who introduced the order of chanting and singing the Psalms to Britain.

7. Who does Bede report provided the land for St. Peter's Monastery?
(a) King Dagobert.
(b) King Egfrid.
(c) King Ecgfrith.
(d) The Holy Synod.

8. Where was the monastery that the anonymous author report Ceolfrith joined?
(a) Melrose.
(b) Gilling.
(c) Jarrow.
(d) Wearmouth.

9. In what book from the Bible does Bede claim Benedict took comfort during nights he could not sleep during his illness?
(a) Job.
(b) Ecclesiastes.
(c) Psalms.
(d) Proverbs.

10. During their journey, what did they discover surrounded Judas Iscariot?
(a) Cold isolation.
(b) A scroll of condemnation.
(c) Flames of torment.
(d) A great number of demons.

11. To whom was the letter addressed?
(a) Cuthbert.
(b) Hwaetberht.
(c) Eosterwine.
(d) Sigfrith.

12. Who was named to rule the monastery shortly before Ceolfrith joined it, according to the anonymous author?
(a) Bishop Wilford.
(b) Ceolfrith's cousin, Tunbert.
(c) Ceolfrith's brother, Cynefrith.
(d) Abbot Botulf.

13. How long did the person who met Brendan and his son claim they had been on the island without eating food or drink or taking any sleep?
(a) For a whole year.
(b) 40 days.
(c) 7 days
(d) 3 days.

14. What happened to Eosterwine during Benedict's fifth journey to Rome, according to Bede?
(a) Eosterwine became abbot of Jarrow.
(b) The pope beckoned Eosterwine to Rome.
(c) Eosterwine starved during a siege of Wearmouth.
(d) Eostewine and a number of monks died from the plague.

15. From what royal family does Bede claim Benedict descended?
(a) The Egfrid Lineage.
(b) The Windsor lineage.
(c) The Theodoric lineage.
(d) The Angle lineage.

Short Answer Questions

1. How were Benedict and Sigfrith able to meet with each other shortly before they died from their illnesses, according to Bede?

2. What apostle and New Testament book does the anonymous author on the history of Ceolfrith cite as his inspiration for writing the book.

3. In the story the anonymous writer recorded Brendan told, what did Brendan say his son's name was?

4. What does the anonymous author report appeared before the traveling party after it had finished singing on its way back to its boat?

5. What did the anonymous author report that Brendan said a rocky island that had no sand on its beach actually was?

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