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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who welcomed Ceolfrith in Gaul, according to the anonymous author?
(a) King Hilperic.
(b) King Egfrid.
(c) King Aldfrid.
(d) King Ecgfrith.

2. What monastery construction on the north bank of Wear was funded by Benedict, according to Bede?
(a) Ripon.
(b) Northumbria.
(c) St. Peter's Monastery.
(d) Melrose.

3. Who does Bede write about as the abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow?
(a) Ceolfrith, Eosterwine, Cuthbert, and Colman.
(b) Benedict, Ceolfrith, Ahlfrid, and Ecgfrith.
(c) Benedict, Ceolfrith, Eosterwine, Sigfrith, and Hwaetberht.
(d) Benedict, Cuthbert, Wilfrid, and Brendan.

4. Upon their second meeting of the creatures who were fallen angels, what was announced to Brendan and his party, according to the anonymous author?
(a) Brendan and his party would spend a year at four different places that were to represent the four seasons of the year.
(b) Their voyage was nearly over.
(c) God would take them safely home.
(d) Brendan and his party would come to what appeared to be a rocky island, but was not.

5. How does Bede claim Sigfrid came to be promoted from deacon to abbot after Eosterwine's left his abbey?
(a) He was appointed abbot by the remaining brethren at Wearmouth and by Ceolfrith.
(b) He was elected over Hwaetberht.
(c) The pope named him to the position.
(d) Benedict appointed him.

6. How was the light for the island provided in the story the anonymous writer recorded from Brendan?
(a) By a dog carrying an a lantern that could not be extinguished.
(b) The Lord Jesus Christ was their light.
(c) By a man with an aura of light.
(d) By the Pearl of Great Price.

7. How did Brendan's traveling party arrive at the next island?
(a) They were carried on the back of a whale.
(b) They rowed vigorously for 40 days.
(c) They were carried by angels after winds had died.
(d) A fair wind sprang up and saved them from being overtaxed by the effort of rowing.

8. In what book from the Bible does Bede claim Benedict took comfort during nights he could not sleep during his illness?
(a) Ecclesiastes.
(b) Psalms.
(c) Proverbs.
(d) Job.

9. Who did Bede report Benedict appointed as abbot over the foundation he started?
(a) Eosterwine.
(b) Sigfrith.
(c) Hwaetbehrt.
(d) Ceolfrith.

10. Why did Benedict name Ceolfrith to be abbot over the two monasteries he helped to build, according to the anonymous author?
(a) Because Ceolfrith was faithful in helping to start other abbeys.
(b) Because both Benedict and the abbot who preceded Ceolfrith, Sigfrith, were on their deathbeds.
(c) Because Ceolfrith showed his grasp of Christian understanding in debates with other monks.
(d) Because Ceolfrith was the best candidate after the plague had caused the death of many monks.

11. What was the method that Bede writes Ceolfrith chose for a new abbot to be chosen to replace him?
(a) The brethren of the monasteries were required to choose one of their members.
(b) He conferred with representatives of the pope.
(c) He devoted a series of fasts that lasted for 40 days.
(d) He devoted a season of prayer seeking divine guidance.

12. What does the anonymous writer of the "Voyage of St. Brendan" document as Brendan's lineage?
(a) He was brother of Benedict.
(b) He was Father of Ceolfrith and Cynefrith.
(c) He was the son of Cuthbert and grandson of Benedict.
(d) He was the son of Findlug, great-grandson of Atla of the line of Eogen.

13. Who does the anonymous author claim provided Brendan's traveling party with food as it left this island?
(a) A man with an aura of shining light.
(b) A hermit named Paul.
(c) A dog.
(d) A young man carrying a basket of bread.

14. What illness does Bede report came to Benedict shortly after Sigfrith became abbot of Wearmouth?
(a) He was taken by consumption.
(b) He suffered creeping paralysis.
(c) The plague.
(d) Leprosy.

15. How many total years does the anonymous author report that Ceolfrith ruled separately over the monasteries of St. Peter and St. Paul?
(a) 16.
(b) 27.
(c) 8.
(d) 12.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what date does the anonymous author report Ceolfrith boarded a ship to cross the sea to Gaul?

2. What was announced to Brendan's party would come after seven years from the announcement by the fallen angels, according to the anonymous author?

3. What does the anonymous author report Brendan's traveling party found during the walks around the island?

4. From what royal family does Bede claim Benedict descended?

5. How many monks did the anonymous author report Ceolfrith left behind at his monasteries?

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