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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What came of a phantom fire that came upon a village while Bede reports that Cuthbert was teaching on the distractions of the devil?
(a) God brought a torrent of rain that extinguished the phantom.
(b) They disappeared into thin air as Cuthbert prayed.
(c) Strong winds blew the fires away as soon as Cuthbert prayed for deliverance.
(d) An angel extinguished the flames with a mighty blow of his trumpet.

2. Why did a demon leave the wife of Sheriff Hildmer as he and Cuthbert approached his home, according to Bede?
(a) Because Cuthbert had prayed that God would remove the demon before the Sheriff had returned to his home.
(b) The demon could not stand the approaching of the Holy Spirit that resided in Cuthbert.
(c) The angels that always walked ahead of Cuthbert battled the angels as the wife of the sheriff slept.
(d) Because the demon realized that God would come at Cuthbert's call.

3. How did Cuthbert respond to converts who were falling away from the faith, according to Bede?
(a) He ministered to them directly by showing them a life of Christian integrity.
(b) He traveled to villages to preach the way of truth.
(c) He chastised them with harsh sermons.
(d) He secluded himself and prayed fervently for their integrity.

4. To whom did Bede write the prologue to his "Life of Cuthbert"?
(a) His father.
(b) Christians of future generations.
(c) Christians of who were served by his ministry.
(d) Bishop Eadfrid.

5. How does Bede claim Christian converts profaned their faith in Chapter 9?
(a) With their ill-gotten gains.
(b) With the coarse language.
(c) With their sloth.
(d) With their works.

6. Who does Stephanus claim introduced Wilfrid to the Pope?
(a) Boniface the archdeacon.
(b) Archbishop Dalfinus.
(c) Bishop Colman.
(d) Bishop Baducing.

7. Which duke of Theodoric petitioned the king over the land Wilfrid where was preaching to have Wilfrid sent to him dead or alive, according to Stephanus?
(a) Oertarut.
(b) Agatho.
(c) Ebroin.
(d) Winfrid.

8. Why was Cuthbert inspired to rise from his sickbed in Chapter 8, according to Bede?
(a) Because he knew that God would provide him strength to carry out ministry.
(b) Because he knew that God had certainly heard the prayers of the monks praying for him.
(c) Because he desired to be an inspiration to those in need.
(d) Because he did not want to neglect the responsibility God had put before him.

9. What does Bede report Cuthbert used to cure a sick servant to a bodyguard of King Ecgfrith?
(a) A salve brought to him by two otters.
(b) A poltice delivered to him by an angel on horseback.
(c) Water he blessed.
(d) Prayer and fasting.

10. As Cuthbert was traveling with a boy during a preaching tour in Chapter 12, how did Bede report that Cuthbert prophesied their food would be provided?
(a) By two otters.
(b) By a fawn.
(c) By a dog.
(d) By an eagle.

11. Who was the wicked queen who Stephanus wrote persecuted the church and martyred nine bishops?
(a) Baldlhild.
(b) Iurminburgh.
(c) Eanfled.
(d) Erconbehrt.

12. When Wilfrid's ship had run aground on the English shore and was surrounded by pagans, what event does Stephanus report occurred that preceded a battle between Wilfrid's party and the pagans?
(a) Wilfrid blessed a stone that he used to heal a companion cursed by a pagan wizard.
(b) Wilfrid called down angels to ward off a curse from a pagan wizard.
(c) A legion of angels protected Wilfrid's companions from an attack led by a pagan wizard.
(d) One of Wilfrid's companions killed the pagan's wizard with a stone blessed by the party from the ship.

13. What does Farmer claim to be the name of the author of the "Navigatio"?
(a) Unknown.
(b) Eddius Stephanus.
(c) Bede.
(d) Brendan.

14. To what office did Stephanus claim Agilberht ordained Wilfrid?
(a) Bishop.
(b) Abbot.
(c) Priest.
(d) Cardinal.

15. How old was Wilfrid when Stephanus reported he left home to seek the kingdom of Heaven?
(a) 12.
(b) 18.
(c) 21.
(d) 14.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Farmer identify as the basic theme of the "Navigatio"?

2. What does Bede claim came of the person to whom Cuthbert prophesied his death?

3. What was Wilfrid's destination when he left his home, according to Stephanus?

4. What did Bede claim to be Cuthbert's preoccupation when he was still eight years old?

5. The saints who are detailed in "The Age of Bede" lived in what two centuries according to Farmer?

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