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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Wilfrid's destination when he left his home, according to Stephanus?
(a) Archbishop Dalfinus who hoped to adopt him as a son.
(b) King Oswiu's queen, Eanfled, to whom he was recommended by noblemen he served in his father's house.
(c) The home of Biscop Baducing.
(d) The home of King Erconberht of Kent.

2. Why did Bede address his prologue to its named recipient?
(a) To assure future Christians that the church was founded by men of reliable virtue.
(b) To show his father that his devotion was being manifested in good works.
(c) So the reader would know that the work was undertaken in compliance with the Bishop's wishes.
(d) To affirm he virtues of Cuthbert to those whom he served.

3. What does Stephanus claim was the King's response to the request that Wilfrid be sent to the duke?
(a) He promptly captured Wilfrid and sent him back to the petitioner, but God spared Wilfrid the condemnation.
(b) He tore up the scroll upon which the request was written in the audience of his court.
(c) He sent back a message that he had already executed Wilfrid to buy him time to escape.
(d) The king ignored the request.

4. The saints who are detailed in "The Age of Bede" lived in what two centuries according to Farmer?
(a) The fifth and sixth A.D.
(b) The fourth and fifth B.C.
(c) The sixth and seventh A.D.
(d) The sixth and seventh B.C.

5. What effect did abbots in Ireland have on the influence of bishops, according to Farmer?
(a) They strengthened the bishops by collecting indulgences for them.
(b) They had no affect on the bishops.
(c) They diminished the influence of bishops.
(d) The provided the channels for bishops to influence the population.

6. Who does Stephanus report led a synod which was actually a trap to take the properties that were under Wilfrid's authority?
(a) Archdeacon Boniface.
(b) Archbishop Berhtwald.
(c) Pope Agatho.
(d) Bishop Colman.

7. Why does Farmer credit this institution with the spread of monasteries in Ireland?
(a) The government would raise taxes to support the construction of monasteries.
(b) Nobles would provide land and funding for construction of monasteries.
(c) Clergy would evangelize pagans who would give to support the construction of monasteries.
(d) When a family would convert to Christianity, it would remain together as a group and convert their homes into monasteries.

8. Who granted Wilfrid to preach in his first destination after being chased from his see?
(a) King Dagobert.
(b) King Perctarit.
(c) King Aldgisi.
(d) King Ecgfrith.

9. Who does Stephanus claim introduced Wilfrid to the Pope?
(a) Bishop Baducing.
(b) Archbishop Dalfinus.
(c) Boniface the archdeacon.
(d) Bishop Colman.

10. Which cleric does Farmer identify as coming from Northumbria and trained at Melrose?
(a) Columbanus.
(b) Columba of Iona.
(c) Cuthbert.
(d) Wilfrid.

11. Who was finally found to travel to St. Peter's with Wilfrid, according to Stephanus?
(a) King Erconberht of Kent.
(b) Bishop Baducing.
(c) Boniface the Archdeacon.
(d) Archbishop Dalfinus.

12. Farmer asserts that the "Navigatio" is a fascinating mixture of what?
(a) History, fact, and economic theory.
(b) Intrigue, sound doctrine, and drama.
(c) Fantasy, doctrine, and mystery.
(d) Fact, fantasy, and literary borrowing.

13. How does Bede claim Christian converts profaned their faith in Chapter 9?
(a) With their sloth.
(b) With the coarse language.
(c) With their works.
(d) With their ill-gotten gains.

14. To what book does Bede refer for support of other angels who rode on horseback?
(a) The Psalms.
(b) Genesis.
(c) The Navigato.
(d) The history of the Maccabees.

15. What does Bede claim came of the person to whom Cuthbert prophesied his death?
(a) He died at the same time as Cuthbert.
(b) He was made abbot of lindisfarne.
(c) Cuthbert blessed him and he lived many years after receiving the prophesy.
(d) He passed the story of Cuthbert's death to Bede.

Short Answer Questions

1. What came of a phantom fire that came upon a village while Bede reports that Cuthbert was teaching on the distractions of the devil?

2. What institution does Farmer suggest was responsible for the growth of monasteries in Ireland?

3. What official does Farmer report presided over the community of monks?

4. In what literary form does Farmer claim Bede's "Life of Cuthbert" is written?

5. Which of the works in "The Age of Bede" does Farmer claim was popular during the Middle Ages?

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