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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, The Voyage of Saint Brendan.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sign does Stephanus claim that God used to indicate that Wilfrid would serve him in the future?
(a) A fiery demon was chased from his village by a torrent provided by God.
(b) An angel disguised as a horseman helped with Wilfrid's delivery.
(c) Birds gathered to sing praises to God as Wilfrid was born.
(d) The house where he was being born caught fire but was not consumed.

2. Who does Bede claim first chastised Cuthbert for his idleness and his indulgences?
(a) His maternal grandfather.
(b) A three-year-old child.
(c) A neighbor who caught him in a prank.
(d) A solemn old man.

3. Who does Stephanus report restored Wilfrid to his see?
(a) Archbishop Berhtrwald.
(b) Pope Agatho and the Holy Synod.
(c) King Ecgfrith.
(d) Boniface.

4. What does Bede report came of King Egfrid during Benedict's journey?
(a) Egfrid was slain.
(b) Egfrid began distributing his wealth to heirs.
(c) Egfrid contracted leprosy.
(d) Egfrid came under siege.

5. What did the anonymous author report occurred to Ceolfrith on the day he reached Langres on September 25?
(a) He was miraculously freed from bandits who had cornered him on his journey.
(b) He was asked to lead worship at the abbey there.
(c) He was recived by the Galic king.
(d) He died.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was chosen by the monks to serve as abbot in Ceolfrith's absence, according to the anonymous author?

2. Who did Bede report Benedict appointed as abbot over the foundation he started?

3. What did the anonymous author report that Brendan said a rocky island that had no sand on its beach actually was?

4. To what cause does Bede claim Benedict devoted himself after he traveled to Rome to visit the tombs of the Apostles?

5. After the death of Benedict, how many years does the anonymous author credit Ceolfrith with presiding over both monasteries simultaneously?

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