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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, The Voyage of Saint Brendan.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What skill was brought from France to Britain as a result of the construction of the monastery in Northumbria, according to Bede?
(a) Block and tackle for the movement of large stones.
(b) Stone cutting.
(c) Metalworking.
(d) Glassmaking.

2. What does Farmer identify as the basic theme of the "Navigatio"?
(a) The healing mysteries of faith.
(b) The miraculous power of prayer.
(c) The cleansing influence of virtue.
(d) The quest for paradise on earth.

3. What did the anonymous author report that Brendan said a rocky island that had no sand on its beach actually was?
(a) The Turtle of Truth.
(b) The greatest of all creatures that swim, called Jasconius.
(c) The back of Satan.
(d) A trick played on them by demons.

4. From whom did Bede claim Benedict bought the unique collection during his fifth trip to Rome?
(a) King Ecgfrith.
(b) From King Aldfrid.
(c) Pope Agatho.
(d) King Egfrid.

5. Who did Bede report was chosen to replace Ceolfrith?
(a) Eosterwine.
(b) Hwaetberht.
(c) Brendan.
(d) Sigfrith.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of battles does Farmer report the church leaders in "The Age of Bede" fought?

2. Whose record of Cuthbert's death did Bede use?

3. What was Wilfrid's destination when he left his home, according to Stephanus?

4. How was the light for the island provided in the story the anonymous writer recorded from Brendan?

5. How many monks did the anonymous author report Ceolfrith left behind at his monasteries?

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