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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, The Anonymous History of Abbot Ceolfrith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the anonymous author credit with providing master builders for the monastery that Ceolfrith helped to build?
(a) Tunbert.
(b) Bishop Wilford.
(c) Abbot Torthelm.
(d) Abbot Botulf.

2. What effect did abbots in Ireland have on the influence of bishops, according to Farmer?
(a) They diminished the influence of bishops.
(b) They strengthened the bishops by collecting indulgences for them.
(c) The provided the channels for bishops to influence the population.
(d) They had no affect on the bishops.

3. What term does Farmer use to identify a community of monks?
(a) The Holy Knights.
(b) Cenobites.
(c) The Holy Priesthood.
(d) The Royal Order.

4. Why did a demon leave the wife of Sheriff Hildmer as he and Cuthbert approached his home, according to Bede?
(a) Because the demon realized that God would come at Cuthbert's call.
(b) The demon could not stand the approaching of the Holy Spirit that resided in Cuthbert.
(c) The angels that always walked ahead of Cuthbert battled the angels as the wife of the sheriff slept.
(d) Because Cuthbert had prayed that God would remove the demon before the Sheriff had returned to his home.

5. What does Bede report Cuthbert used to cure a sick servant to a bodyguard of King Ecgfrith?
(a) Water he blessed.
(b) A salve brought to him by two otters.
(c) A poltice delivered to him by an angel on horseback.
(d) Prayer and fasting.

Short Answer Questions

1. How were Benedict and Sigfrith able to meet with each other shortly before they died from their illnesses, according to Bede?

2. What did some of the monks who buried Ceolfrith take to Rome on his behalf, according to the anonymous author?

3. What sign does Stephanus claim was sent to prove that God intended Wilfred to be a saint?

4. Who does Stephanus claim taught Wilfrid the rules of Easter while he was in this city?

5. Where is the body of Cuthbert buried, according to Bede's record?

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