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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, The Anonymous History of Abbot Ceolfrith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Bede report Benedict brought back to Britain after his third trip to Rome?
(a) Scholars who were trained in the interpretation of Scripture.
(b) Icons from the tombs of saints to aid in the performance of miracles.
(c) A large number of books on all branches of sacred knowledge.
(d) A cantor named John who introduced the order of chanting and singing the Psalms to Britain.

2. Where did Stephanus report Wilfrid first settled after being chased from his see?
(a) Wearmouth.
(b) Gaul.
(c) Friesland.
(d) Lichfield.

3. What kind of battles does Farmer report the church leaders in "The Age of Bede" fought?
(a) Spiritual battles against invisible diabolical enemies.
(b) Political battles against corrupt kings.
(c) Physical battles against pagans seeking to dismantle Christian influences.
(d) Economic battles against land owners who sought land on which churches were built.

4. What was Wilfrid's destination when he left his home, according to Stephanus?
(a) The home of Biscop Baducing.
(b) The home of King Erconberht of Kent.
(c) King Oswiu's queen, Eanfled, to whom he was recommended by noblemen he served in his father's house.
(d) Archbishop Dalfinus who hoped to adopt him as a son.

5. How were Benedict and Sigfrith able to meet with each other shortly before they died from their illnesses, according to Bede?
(a) They were kept in the same room in the hospital.
(b) Sigfrith was carried to Benedict's room on a stretcher.
(c) They were moved to the basement of Wearmouth and spent their remaining days together.
(d) They were placed in wheel chairs and wheeled to meet with each other daily.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what city did Stephanus report Wilfrid's traveling companion leave him after they started their journey to St. Peter's?

2. What was the method that Bede writes Ceolfrith chose for a new abbot to be chosen to replace him?

3. Who did the anonymous author claim chose Ceolfrith to help him build a monastery?

4. Who does Bede report provided the land for St. Peter's Monastery?

5. To whom did Bede write the prologue to his "Life of Cuthbert"?

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