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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, The Anonymous History of Abbot Ceolfrith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect did abbots in Ireland have on the influence of bishops, according to Farmer?
(a) The provided the channels for bishops to influence the population.
(b) They had no affect on the bishops.
(c) They diminished the influence of bishops.
(d) They strengthened the bishops by collecting indulgences for them.

2. What did the anonymous author infer to be Ceolfrith's method of avoiding the plague that took the lives of many monks?
(a) He was fastidious in keeping his residence clean and observed Jewish cleaning laws.
(b) He had secluded himself as a hermit before the plague hit his region.
(c) He was delayed in Rome finding supplies for the new monastery.
(d) He had secluded himself for a season of prayer.

3. Which cleric does Farmer identify as coming from Northumbria and trained at Melrose?
(a) Cuthbert.
(b) Columba of Iona.
(c) Wilfrid.
(d) Columbanus.

4. Who confirmed the choice of Ceolfrith's replacement, according to Bede?
(a) Eleusippus.
(b) Speusippus.
(c) Bishop Acca.
(d) Meleusippus.

5. To whom did Stephanus address his record of the "Life of Wilfrid"?
(a) Acca, his Bishop, and Tatberht, his Abbot.
(b) To his father.
(c) To Bishop Agilberht who ordained him to the priesthood.
(d) To Boniface, the archdeacon who introduced him to the pope.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who granted Wilfrid to preach in his first destination after being chased from his see?

2. Which of the works in "The Age of Bede" does Farmer claim was popular during the Middle Ages?

3. To what abbey does Bede report Benedict named Eosterwine?

4. What sign does Stephanus claim was sent to prove that God intended Wilfred to be a saint?

5. What was the first miracle that Bede reports that Cuthbert performed?

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