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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, The Anonymous History of Abbot Ceolfrith.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What illness does Bede report came to Benedict shortly after Sigfrith became abbot of Wearmouth?
(a) He was taken by consumption.
(b) He suffered creeping paralysis.
(c) The plague.
(d) Leprosy.

2. What was the result of the prayers Cuthbert led while he and two brethren were stranded during a sea voyage without provisions?
(a) God ended the storm and provided a passing ship to carry them to their destination.
(b) Angels mended their ship while the two brethren slept and Cuthbert kept a prayer vigil.
(c) They were provided with dolphin meat and calm seas.
(d) A whale came to deliver them to their destination.

3. What text does Bede report that Boisil recommended to Cuthbert?
(a) The Gospel of Luke.
(b) The Epistle of St. James, the brother of Jesus.
(c) St. John the Evangelist.
(d) The Epistles of St. Peter.

4. Farmer asserts that the "Navigatio" is a fascinating mixture of what?
(a) History, fact, and economic theory.
(b) Fantasy, doctrine, and mystery.
(c) Fact, fantasy, and literary borrowing.
(d) Intrigue, sound doctrine, and drama.

5. Which cleric does Farmer identify as coming from Northumbria and trained at Melrose?
(a) Columba of Iona.
(b) Wilfrid.
(c) Columbanus.
(d) Cuthbert.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom did Bede write the prologue to his "Life of Cuthbert"?

2. To what abbey does Bede report Benedict named Eosterwine?

3. What does Farmer identify as the basic theme of the "Navigatio"?

4. Who returned a letter of thanks for the gift the monks delivered to Rome according to the anonymous author?

5. What does Farmer report came of Cuthbert after he spent many years in a monastery?

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