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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Bede, Lives of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the first miracle that Bede reports that Cuthbert performed?
(a) He calmed a wind that had nearly blown rafts carrying monks to sea with his prayers.
(b) He healed himself of a lame leg.
(c) He healed a sick boy near death.
(d) He brought a sheriff's wife back to life.

2. How were Benedict and Sigfrith able to meet with each other shortly before they died from their illnesses, according to Bede?
(a) They were placed in wheel chairs and wheeled to meet with each other daily.
(b) They were kept in the same room in the hospital.
(c) They were moved to the basement of Wearmouth and spent their remaining days together.
(d) Sigfrith was carried to Benedict's room on a stretcher.

3. Who does Farmer claim enabled Wilfred to travel to visit other churches through Europe?
(a) Alhfrith.
(b) Bishop Colman.
(c) Dalfinus.
(d) Enfleda, Queen of Northumbria.

4. Over what issue did Wilfrid debate Bishop Colman according to Stephanus?
(a) The specific day upon which to celebrate Easter.
(b) The role of icons in affirming faith.
(c) The parallels between Yom Kippur and Christmas.
(d) The importance of miracles in identifying saints.

5. Where does Stephanus claim peace was achieved between Wilfrid and his enemies?
(a) The Synod of Nidd.
(b) The Holy Synod.
(c) Lichfield.
(d) Friesland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What decision does Bede report Benedict made while Benedict and Sigfrith were on their deathbeds?

2. To whom did Bede write the prologue to his "Life of Cuthbert"?

3. Which Irish apostle, according to Farmer, became famous for the founding of the Bobbio and Saint-Gall monasteries.

4. From what royal family does Bede claim Benedict descended?

5. How does Bede claim Christian converts profaned their faith in Chapter 9?

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