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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Bede, Lives of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After he listened to the chastisement, what does Bede report to be Cuthbert's response?
(a) He forsook foolish games immediately and showed himself to be more mature and earnest.
(b) He stopped spending so much time adventuring and devoted himself more seriously to studying the Bible.
(c) He began studying writing more seriously to produce works fit for public consumption.
(d) He began working harder on his chants to serve the worship needs of his town.

2. Who does Bede claim first chastised Cuthbert for his idleness and his indulgences?
(a) A three-year-old child.
(b) His maternal grandfather.
(c) A neighbor who caught him in a prank.
(d) A solemn old man.

3. What did Bede report Benedict brought back to Britain after his third trip to Rome?
(a) Icons from the tombs of saints to aid in the performance of miracles.
(b) Scholars who were trained in the interpretation of Scripture.
(c) A cantor named John who introduced the order of chanting and singing the Psalms to Britain.
(d) A large number of books on all branches of sacred knowledge.

4. What does Stephanus claim was the King's response to the request that Wilfrid be sent to the duke?
(a) He promptly captured Wilfrid and sent him back to the petitioner, but God spared Wilfrid the condemnation.
(b) He tore up the scroll upon which the request was written in the audience of his court.
(c) He sent back a message that he had already executed Wilfrid to buy him time to escape.
(d) The king ignored the request.

5. From what royal family does Bede claim Benedict descended?
(a) The Angle lineage.
(b) The Theodoric lineage.
(c) The Windsor lineage.
(d) The Egfrid Lineage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Farmer credit with writing the earliest "Life of Cuthbert"?

2. Who confirmed the choice of Ceolfrith's replacement, according to Bede?

3. Who does Stephanus claim taught Wilfrid the rules of Easter while he was in this city?

4. What happened to Eosterwine during Benedict's fifth journey to Rome, according to Bede?

5. Who gave Wilfrid the monastery at Ripon according to Stephanus?

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