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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Bede, Lives of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Farmer claim to be the document that the earliest monk wrote?
(a) "The Life of Cuthbert".
(b) "The Navigatio".
(c) "The Life of Wilfrid".
(d) "The Lives of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow".

2. What sign does Stephanus claim that God used to indicate that Wilfrid would serve him in the future?
(a) A fiery demon was chased from his village by a torrent provided by God.
(b) The house where he was being born caught fire but was not consumed.
(c) Birds gathered to sing praises to God as Wilfrid was born.
(d) An angel disguised as a horseman helped with Wilfrid's delivery.

3. Which cleric does Farmer identify as coming from Northumbria and trained at Melrose?
(a) Wilfrid.
(b) Columba of Iona.
(c) Cuthbert.
(d) Columbanus.

4. What was the method that Bede writes Ceolfrith chose for a new abbot to be chosen to replace him?
(a) The brethren of the monasteries were required to choose one of their members.
(b) He devoted a series of fasts that lasted for 40 days.
(c) He conferred with representatives of the pope.
(d) He devoted a season of prayer seeking divine guidance.

5. Of what does Stephanus claim Wilfrid accused English bishops prior to his journey to Gaul?
(a) Being too strict with moral limits.
(b) Being too stiff in worship services.
(c) Being similar in ideology to Celts.
(d) Being corrupt with indulgences.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Stephanus report Wilfrid first settled after being chased from his see?

2. Who does Farmer report to be the earliest monk of the British Isles?

3. Why was Cuthbert inspired to rise from his sickbed in Chapter 8, according to Bede?

4. What does Bede claim Cuthbert did to convert water to wine as he stayed at a convent in Tyne?

5. Where does Farmer claim that the earliest surviving manuscript of "Navigatio" was written?

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