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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Eddius Stephanus: Life of Wilfred.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sign does Stephanus claim that God used to indicate that Wilfrid would serve him in the future?
(a) A fiery demon was chased from his village by a torrent provided by God.
(b) An angel disguised as a horseman helped with Wilfrid's delivery.
(c) The house where he was being born caught fire but was not consumed.
(d) Birds gathered to sing praises to God as Wilfrid was born.

2. Who was finally found to travel to St. Peter's with Wilfrid, according to Stephanus?
(a) King Erconberht of Kent.
(b) Bishop Baducing.
(c) Archbishop Dalfinus.
(d) Boniface the Archdeacon.

3. How many years does Farmer claim had passed before the biography of Brendan had first appeared?
(a) About 20.
(b) About 200.
(c) About 210.
(d) About 120.

4. How was Cuthbert's Friday fast broken on one occasion at the vesper's hour according to Bede?
(a) Cuthbert's horse pulled on a straw from the roof where he rested that was connected to a bundle of food from God.
(b) Birds brought him bread from a far land.
(c) Otters brought him a meal of fish from the sea.
(d) An angel disgused as an old man fixed him a meal of rice and cakes.

5. What does Stephanus claim was the King's response to the request that Wilfrid be sent to the duke?
(a) The king ignored the request.
(b) He promptly captured Wilfrid and sent him back to the petitioner, but God spared Wilfrid the condemnation.
(c) He sent back a message that he had already executed Wilfrid to buy him time to escape.
(d) He tore up the scroll upon which the request was written in the audience of his court.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gave Wilfrid the monastery at Ripon according to Stephanus?

2. When Wilfrid's ship had run aground on the English shore and was surrounded by pagans, what event does Stephanus report occurred that preceded a battle between Wilfrid's party and the pagans?

3. What does Farmer claim to be the document that the earliest monk wrote?

4. What does Farmer claim to be the name of the author of the "Navigatio"?

5. How many texts does D.H. Farmer report in the Introduction comprise "The Age of Bede"?

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