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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Eddius Stephanus: Life of Wilfred.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Farmer claim enabled Wilfred to travel to visit other churches through Europe?
(a) Bishop Colman.
(b) Alhfrith.
(c) Dalfinus.
(d) Enfleda, Queen of Northumbria.

2. Of what does Stephanus claim Wilfrid accused English bishops prior to his journey to Gaul?
(a) Being corrupt with indulgences.
(b) Being too strict with moral limits.
(c) Being too stiff in worship services.
(d) Being similar in ideology to Celts.

3. What came of a phantom fire that came upon a village while Bede reports that Cuthbert was teaching on the distractions of the devil?
(a) An angel extinguished the flames with a mighty blow of his trumpet.
(b) God brought a torrent of rain that extinguished the phantom.
(c) Strong winds blew the fires away as soon as Cuthbert prayed for deliverance.
(d) They disappeared into thin air as Cuthbert prayed.

4. What term does Farmer use to identify a community of monks?
(a) The Holy Priesthood.
(b) Cenobites.
(c) The Holy Knights.
(d) The Royal Order.

5. What does Farmer identify as the basic theme of the "Navigatio"?
(a) The miraculous power of prayer.
(b) The healing mysteries of faith.
(c) The cleansing influence of virtue.
(d) The quest for paradise on earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the quote from the Psalms that Bede used to support God's hand in the event?

2. How many years does Farmer claim had passed before the biography of Brendan had first appeared?

3. Which cleric does Farmer identify as coming from Northumbria and trained at Melrose?

4. What did Bede claim to be Cuthbert's preoccupation when he was still eight years old?

5. Which document by Bede, according to Farmer, acts as a biography and a local history?

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