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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1, Bede, Life of Cuthbert.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Farmer, each of the saints profiled in "The Age of Bede" were pioneers of what important church institutions?
(a) The Sacraments, baptism, and confession.
(b) The presbytery and the Holy Roman Empire.
(c) Indulgences, monasticism, and chanting.
(d) Monasticism and the primacy of the spiritual.

2. Which Irish apostle, according to Farmer, became famous for the founding of the Bobbio and Saint-Gall monasteries.
(a) Eosterwine.
(b) Hwaetberht.
(c) Brendan.
(d) Columbanus.

3. Where is the body of Cuthbert buried, according to Bede's record?
(a) In a stone coffin on the right side of the altar in the church of the Blessed Apostle Peter.
(b) At the bottom of the lake where he kept many prayer vigils.
(c) In the pasture that he kept during his time as a hermit.
(d) In the catacombs of Wearmouth monastery.

4. Whose record of Cuthbert's death did Bede use?
(a) Wilfrid who asked Bede to take a pilgrimage with him to Rome.
(b) Hwaetbehrt who succeeded him as abbot.
(c) Benedict who was a close friend of Cuthbert.
(d) Herefrith, a devout priest and abbot of Lindisfarne.

5. Why was Cuthbert inspired to rise from his sickbed in Chapter 8, according to Bede?
(a) Because he knew that God would provide him strength to carry out ministry.
(b) Because he knew that God had certainly heard the prayers of the monks praying for him.
(c) Because he desired to be an inspiration to those in need.
(d) Because he did not want to neglect the responsibility God had put before him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Bede address his prologue to its named recipient?

2. What were two things that Bede said he avoided in the prologue?

3. After he listened to the chastisement, what does Bede report to be Cuthbert's response?

4. How many Latin manuscripts of this document does Farmer claim still exists?

5. What did Bede claim to be Cuthbert's preoccupation when he was still eight years old?

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